The Status of Property in Spain

Since the start of 2012 the property market in Spain has seen a slight improvement and the future is looking good.With property prices now at over 50% off the price they were a year ago you can pickup a bargain for a investment period of around 5 to 10 years could see it double or triple back to what is was a year ago or more.With employment suffering in Spain the current situation is not looking that great, but Spain will recover and when it does you will find yourself owning your place in paradise with over 50% off.Spain Property is sort after by many investors from many countries and with the flux in more countries in Asia join to investors you will see a massive increase for the best located properties.At cheap property spain we are specialists at finding these types of properties sitting empty sometimes in the banks possession which are fully ready to move into or let out to potential holiday makers.Now not only do we find these properties but they can be freely advertised on World Holiday Rentals. I think that this offers a great return on investment and is one of the safest investment in this rocky period throughout Europe and America.I am a web developer with affiliation with property sales and holiday rentals and I offer these for free as want to try and bring the economy back and help investors try to turn their investment into a regular income without the hassle of having to deal with holiday guests.Banks in Spain have so many properties for sale that have defaulted on their mortgages they are trying to recoup some of the money by selling these at over 50% off.If you do not have the capital to invest in property then I also myself invest with a minimum of 50$ in the forex market which is riskier than property investment but you can also make great returns with little money.The forex market is complex when comes to finding the broker to choose that is:
Offers a good spread (max of 2pips on the major currency pairs)
Fast Trades
Rapid withdrawals
If the broker does not meet this then you should not consider investing with them as from my experience with some brokers has not been good.Meta Trader 4 is the most used client for PC but is not ideal to use on a Mac so if you want a forex interface that you can use anywhere and a simple interface I use eToro.Links are available to all 3 of my investment, holiday rental and property websites so check them out and feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.

Why Is A Real Estate Investor Your Property’s Most Profitable Buyer

If you wish to sell your house, then a real estate investor can prove quite helpful. Selling your house on your own is an idea that can still remind people of their own dreadful and exhausting experiences. Selling your house through a realtor is an endless process and you will end up paying more than expected. Dealing with a real estate investor would give you all the benefits that you desire. In fact, it would be like coming together of two people, who are mutually beneficial for each other. This is why a real estate investor is the only way to go when you wish to sell your house -* Real estate investors would guide you with your house problems. Whatever trouble you are in, an investor would try to get you out of it before buying your house. Your house could be unsold since long, not staged, rental house, behind on the payments or involved in cases of bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, probate, inheritance, etc. An investor would help you solve these and many more problems.* Your house may not be as good-looking, as you would expect an ideal house to be, that has been put up on sale. It might need repairs and renovation. However, investors would not care. They would buy your house; unlike a realtor who would first start with the repairs, before even listing your house.* If your house needs repairs, then it would be pretty hard for a buyer to get a loan. Even the buyers themselves would not be interested in the purchase of a house that requires them to commence with upgrades and repairs once they buy it.* An investor does not waste time. He is efficient, fast and too adept at the property deals to let you go through any trouble. So, your house will be sold in days, instead of months, and you will get your price in cash. At closing of the deal, they will give you the net offer. They do not let you pay to them or demand discounts, because of the repairs, commissions etc.* Since real estate investors are in the profession of property dealing, they understand your concerns and needs. They would not fall short of your expectations, as far as the desired price is concerned. Be flexible, practical and open to negotiation.* Their knowledge of and contacts with the potential and interested buyers help to increase the speed and efficiency of the deal.* The reason behind faster property dealings is that these investors know how to advertise successfully and vigorously, with all possible means, right after buying your house. They do not wait around for buyers to come to them or get comfortable after a basic form of advertising. Their already-interested network of buyers purchase the house faster than you think and get it off the market.Get the speediest and most profitable deal for your property sale with the assistance of real estate investors. Do not let your hard-earned money be thrown around unnecessarily and make the right decision for yourself.

Property Tax Appeals – The Reality

With the current credit crisis and softening economy, property values have dropped significantly across all states and with all property types. In turn, owners are lining up to conduct their own property tax appeals to get a reduction in their real estate taxes. At the same time cities are fighting hard to keep their tax base – the result is shaping up to be an all out “dog fight”.On the commercial side, we are seeing a drop in value as capitalization rates continue to rise and as the credit crisis lingers. Longer amortization schedules and “built in” appreciation models within commercial loans have had an almost artificial boast in property values. Now as these commercial loans are gone, this artificial increased value is gone.For owners, reducing property taxes has an immediate impact to the owner’s bottom line. All property tax savings go right to the NOI (Which in a way, actually increases the property’s value). The savings can be huge and once the new assessed value is established, the savings are ongoing, year after year. In short, it is well worth most owners time to fight for this, especially those that have purchased their property in the last 5 years or less.Property Tax AppealThere’s a procedure to getting for any property tax appeal and remember your city, does not want to lessen its tax base (they have those pensions and long vacations to protect). There is a lot that goes into doing it right, but perhaps the biggest issue, that most property owners are shocked to learn is how much control the city has in picking the COMPS (comparable recent sales). Your city will only want to use comps from transaction that happened under normal, non distressed conditions. They often refer to this as “Fair Market Value without Undue Influences.”What this really boils down to is that your city will not want to use comps from foreclosed properties sales and or from other “distressed” sellers. They will want to use comps that support their estimates of value. Which of course support their point of view and their tax base. A major problem with this is that a lot of transactions these days occur from foreclosed properties…The owner considering a property tax appeal will have to know how to deal with this issue as well as others before they sit in front of their city to appeal. Your city will do everything in their power to protect their tax base. You will need to understand the process; otherwise you will just waste your time.