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Bali Vacation Packages – Provide Affordable Leisure At A Wonderful Spot

Multiplicity of nature, striking beaches, lovely paintings, marvelous fine art and ear soothing music have made Bali, a small island of Indonesia as one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world. Bali is known for its beauty and special vacation packages throughout the world. The beauty of the island is so immense that it will make you flabbergasted. The sound of bells and music coming from temples, farmers cultivating the rice, traditional dances and sculpture, tropical gardens are enough for anyone to lose his heart here. But if stiff budget is an issue, Bali hotels and resorts launch Bali vacation packages at various times of the year to make the trip very affordable.

Bali is so quiet and wonderful that it is very suitable for honeymoon. Honeymoon is the melodious segment of couple’s marital life where they desire to rejoice their harmony and spend some special moments in total closeness and isolation. It is an occasion when you want no exterior interferences in your place. Bali is an ideal place for that with very beautiful beaches and wonderful surroundings, which make the atmosphere perfect for romance. Bali vacation packages present a bonus for newlywed pairs where they can acquire particular discounts from the standard charges on honeymoon packages. There are also certain offers for families with kids depending on their age. Concessions depend on the category of housing you select, the number of rooms and the duration of the stay.

The tours to Bali are quite affordable. You can also take benefit of huge concessions on Bali vacation packages by online booking. It is a very safe method and reservation is confirmed instantaneously by the travel agents of the resort or hotel via telephone or email. There are several travel agencies that can organize your full journey which include all the necessities such as accommodation, airfare reservation, seeing the sightseer spots and food. They can also assist you in selecting a hotel or resort as per your necessities.

The interior decoration of villas and hotels located in tranquil surrounds give a synopsis of the tropical gardens or beaches. A large number of packages provided by Bali hotels and resorts cover harbor transfer or return car. When you will enter into the hotel, you will be greeted by a fruit basket. You will feel totally fresh by the welcome massage of 15 to 30 minutes. Many more amenities such as daily breakfast, bonus on night stay, free cocktails, afternoon snacks and coffee, rooms decorated with blossoming flowers, banana rides are also incorporated in the Bali vacation packages.

Whether you want to get wedded or spend your melodious phase of honeymoon; Bali is just an ideal place with wonderful accommodation available with various affordable packages. There is also a variety of honeymoon and wedding packages according to your requirements. Spa packages are also there for those who just want to go for relaxation and let their body revitalize. Bali hotels and resorts provide the facilities that you can find in exclusive resorts with unparalleled packages. So Bali vacation packages will provide you the experience of the most affordable and fun filled vacation.

Foreign Medical Tourists From Abuja And Lagos – Nigeria Avail Annual Checkup Programs With Leisure P

Foreign medical tourists from Abuja and Lagos – Nigeria avail Annual checkup programs with leisure packages with Medical tourism

There is a huge rush of medical tourists from their cities like Lagos and Abuja for the Annual checkup in India. Indian Medical tourism has bridged all the gaps by catering high quality medical services at quiet less price tag. Annual checkup in India is rising as the best choice for most foreign patients because Indian hospitals use the latest techniques for surgery by utilizing the most modern procedures available at effective prices. Annual checkup in India is catered as full complement physical check up to International Patients combined with post-discharge recuperative holidays in consultation with medical personnel.
Many common and life-threatening conditions can be treated successfully, provided they are diagnosed in an early stage. Many leading Indian hospitals have health check-up programmes or Annual checkup in India that screen every part of the body meticulously and professionally. A proper health check-up scans your bio-history, interprets signals and provides the opportunity for the proverbial “stitch in time”. Annual checkup in India comprises of the following tests:

Doctors consultation and full medical examination

Blood tests

Complete Haemogram (hb, TLC, DLR, ESR, Haemotocrit, Peripheral Smear)

Blood group (ABO, RH)

Blood Sugar

Blood Urea

Serum Uric Acid

Serum Creatinine

Serum Cholesterol

Lipid Profile

Urine and Faeces Examination

X-Ray Chest PA


Exercise Stress Test (TMT)

Stress Screening by Psychologist

Eye Examination

Gynecologists Consultation and Pap Smear Test

Post Check-up consultation

Optional Test

Some additional test may be advised by your doctor which may include:

Pulmonary Function Tests

Ultrasound Screening for the Abdomen

ENT Examination

Screening for Liver Disease

Screening for Thyroid Disease

Hepatitis B Screening to Assess Immunity and for Detection of Carriers.

A test for AIDS can also be requested

Screening for Kidney Disease

Serum Cholesterol

Lipid Profile

Urine and Faeces Examination

X-Ray Chest PA


Exercise Stress Test (TMT

Stress Screening by Psychologist

Eye Examination

These tests under the Annual checkup in India can be done at any leading hospital, private and public. Many pioneering hospitals have comprehensive health check-up packages which are quiet affordable and comes with the best medical facilities.
To know more about the Annual checkup in India you can visit its site at or mail your queries at or call us at: +91-9371136499, +91- 9860755000 (International) / + 1-415-599-2537 (USA) / +44-20-8133-2571 (UK)

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Traveling Green Understanding The Green Hotel

Just what Green Hotel?

A green hotel is one that strives for being green. Specifically, these eco-friendly inns make efforts in construction, renovation and daily maintenance that reduce the businesses use of water and energy, and which reduce solid waste.
Many of these changes could be as simple as outfitting each room with the towel change cards that many of us have all seen in our travels in the past years. These cards encourage guests to go green by reusing their towels which saves water and reduces the amounts of detergent which is delivered to water processing facilities and potentially into lakes or rivers. For the green hotel owner, this straightforward sign can save thousands of dollars a year in lowered electricity, water, detergent and manual labor costs. By being a green hotel it is possible to impress your customers, save money and help protect the environment.
The key benefits of a Green Hotel
Learning to be a green hotel is an excellent strategy to open up a uniquely new customer base. Every savvy marketer sees that today becoming environmentally friendly inside your operations translates right to more green money in your bank deposit every week; turning an ordinary hotel in to a green hotel is almost certain to increase profits.

Increasing profits by becoming green happens through two avenues. The main way that green accommodations can increase profits is as simple as earning additional revenue through attracting customers who care about the environment. There is little about becoming a green hotel that could shut off the few customers who don’t care about being eco-friendly, but much that may attract customers that specifically care about eco issues. Simply speaking, you boost your customer base by appealing to an individualized crowd, without impacting your mass appeal to travelers as a whole.
The next method that a green hotel increases profits is as simple as minimizing operational costs, an implicit component of being a green inn. A great number of efforts are small and require almost no initial cost output. Towel change cards are certainly one illustration of big financial impact with almost no financial output. For hotels with restaurants, serving water upon request only is a cost-free change that can add up to big savings. Of course, larger changes for example installing cost effective HVAC systems may help to a bundle, but you do not have to spend a great deal to take advantage of green operations.
Deciding on a Green Hotel

For travelers wishing to stay at a green hotel there are numerous of ways to find and verify that the hotel is green. Over the coming years it will become less difficult as the green hotel initiative will take off, helping more and more hotels to go green.

One way to choose a green hotel is to simply check out the website or pamphlet of the chosen hotel for a green certification tag. The Green Business Bureau (GBB) certifies green hotels, among other businesses, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you have truly chosen a business who strives to use sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
You may also search through the GBB database at to locate hotels, along with businesses, which are certified green. While other online green certifications do exist and can be useful in your efforts to pick green, the GBB keeps a comprehensive database of green hotels, providing details about each hotel including location, mapping and website details. By choosing green accommodations you may help offset your carbon footprint and feel happier about your vacation choices.

How to Become a Green Hotel
Being a green hotel requires that you first obtain information, then make environmentally sustainable changes in your business processes and equipment. You’ll want to follow this up by obtaining a certification that advertises your commitment to eco-friendly practices. These changes may be simple and inexpensive. Simply installing low-flow shower heads, putting towel change cards in the rooms, and working towards recycling will put you on the path towards becoming green.

For Earth loving hotel owners who would like to get involved on the green action, visiting is an excellent starting point. Our staff can work with you on your green initiative, showing you how you can earn more income and pay out less money, all while helping improve our world. Once you’ve a become a green hotel, you can be certified green through the GBB, adding our certification tag to your site and print materials, letting all of your customers realize that you have made a commitment to them and to the environment.

Hawaii vacation packages that take your breath away!

Planning for an island vacation? The best with all inclusive features is none other better deal than Hawaii Vacation Packages. You may be amazed knowing that more than half of the travelers quote “Hawaii as the best destination in the world.” No doubt with hundreds of unique facts and magnetizing features it attracts most tourist attention.

If this is the first time you are visiting this vibrant land you must do a little research before you avail for an online travel deal. For this you need to compare and find out certain details. To help out on this, this article will pitch light on the insight of enthralling Hawaii vacation. Basically you will be able to get an itinerary on all the best and must see places in Hawaii. The sequence renders the best vacation packages and deals on Hawaii and information regarding how to plan for a memorable Hawaii vacation.

Renowned for its uniqueness Hawaii is considered as the one and only US state that is exclusively made up of islands. Besides, the state acquired the top position due to its stunning beaches, warm tropical climate, fresh green air and the profound floral environment. The place has an amazing mixed culture of both North American and Asian influence due to which it has got an incredible hotspot which keeps it afar from the rest of the world.

Coming to the various attractions let us unfold the six unique islands with stunning features that any traveler would love to experience.

The fourth largest and popularly known as the green isle, Kauai Island is one of the popular destination in Hawaii. The island comprises of green valleys, tropical rainforest, quite and calm rivers, cascading waterfalls and many more. Apart from its natural beauty the island is famous for various activities like snorkeling on Poipu Beach, kayaking at Wailua River, and hiking on the trails of Kokee State Park. If you are an adventure buddy Kauai is the best option for you!
The next hotspot of the Hawaii is the Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island. This is famous as the most important state Honolulu, which is the capital, is situated and most of the countrys population resides here. Located at the heart of Hawaii Oahu has the benefits of both primitive and modern culture experiences. Here you have to schedule for various city attractions such as museum, historical buildings and structures visits, etc. Next comes the Hawaii’s fifth-largest island Molokai. This is the place for native Hawaiian ancestry, unspoiled beaches and no nightclubs. This is the best place for those who want to enjoy a calm, serene and tranquil environment.

Lanai the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands is popularly known as Pineapple Island for its massive pineapple plantation in the past. This place has less traffic and far from the hustle bustles of the city life. Next to Lanai is the Maui which is Hawaii’s second largest island. This is also renowned as the Magic Isle. A must see place as in Maui you will get to see the world best voted beaches. Last and the largest of all is the Hawaii’s Big Island, which covers half of Hawaii. It comprises the best eye-catching beaches, stunning cliffs, exotic rivers, volcanic parks and cactus-studded deserts. In addition to this, the place has the tallest and largest mountains in the world. With host of enticing features Hawaii remains as the most sought after tourist destination. Moreover, with lots of affordable vacation packages Hawaii await for you!

Amrapali Leisure Park Residential Property In Noida

Amrapali Group is usually acknowledged because the complete real estate entity, UN agency is developing with daydreams and determinations within the town. The Group has freshly launched a brand new trend of property sector. Amrapali Leisure Park could be a new residential venture within the populated area, that offers 2/3 BHK luxury residences of the sizes of 845 sq. ft. to 1730 sq. ft. with all kinds of comforts and conveniences. Amrapali Leisure Park improves the living normal of approaching folks, UN agency wish to reside within the lap of nature. simply by providing world category residences, you’ll begin a brand new life with adored ones. So, you must choose this project because the reliable venture of the metropolis.

Suitably situated at Noida Extension next to Hindon River course, the luxurious space is one among the best locations of town. it’s totally encircled by inexperienced and flowering landscapes. it’s one among the best locations, that is far closed to developed locations of the populated area. it’s situated terribly faraway from disruption and pollution regions. Having straightforward and cozy accessibility from the realm to destitute places like looking facilities, leisure and diversion amenities, business homes and offices, of these places is reached simply through several routes.

There area unit several locational advantages like spherical patterned security issues, pool for youths, ecofriendly surroundings, gymnasium, open amphiheatre, inexperienced club with varied sports, health care facilities, multi-purpose hall for conferences, leisure and diversion facilities and lots of a lot of. By providing such style of amenities, you’ll improve the living normal of forthcoming people. With well-planned infrastructure and placement advantages, the venture offers some delighted facilities that fit your expectations and dreams. Thus, a daydream of shopping for a dream home is also changed into the fact.
All luxury accommodations area unit utterly arranged and magnificently designed within the modern designs. each housing unit is made of quality materials and marble floorings. Marble and wood floorings area unit terribly essential activities applied to present a brand new look of the situation. By activity each activity in every housing unit, day daylight and ventilation, contemporary air and funky atmosphere area unit terribly enticing options of the project. Amrapali leisure park listing will assist you ton to shop for a luxury home of your alternative and best choice. This listing will assist you to present a brand new possibility for a dream home. By this list, you’ll get an inexpensive home with modern options. So, shopping for a dream home of your alternative is also an ideal possibility for nowadays consumers.

From the investment purpose of read, Amrapali Leisure Park is taking part in a crucial role to gift several golden opportunities for varied forms of investments. The project is nowadays an ideal alternative of approaching consumers. By shopping for a home or investment within the property sector, largely investors will earn large quantity of capital in barely number of years.

Famagusta Area Of Cyprus The Hidden Resorts

The Famagusta area of Cyprus covers a large part of the Islands East coast and includes the town of Paralimni. Originally the town of Famagusta itself would have lain at the heart of the district but alas it now lies in total dereliction. In fact it has been labeled a ghost town and not without good reason. In 1974 Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus and Famagusta town was where they halted that invasion. The once proud holiday resort portion of the town now lies partly enclosed within the buffer zone between the North and South. This area is patrolled by a United Nations peace keeping force and the larger part of Famagusta resort is now totally inaccessible. Tourist can however visit the Turkish side of the Island and see for themselves the crumbling ruins of this once prestigious holiday resort.

Close to the border with northern Cyprus is the village of Kapparis which at one time was the last stop on the main coastal road to Famagusta town. Over the years kapparis has grown into a thriving resort with bars, restaurants and supermarkets lining the main street. There has also been huge property development in the resort recently which in turn has led to an influx of holiday home buyers most of who are British. In fact Kapparis has earned itself the nickname “little Britain” in light of the many Brits who have settled there. It is also one of the few holiday resorts on the Islands West coast that stays open all year round. So if you love genuine fish and chips or a Chinese take away Kapparis is the ideal place to take your Cyprus holidays.

About two miles down the road is one of Famagusta’s gems, a sleepy little holiday resort called Pernera which nestles against the coast just below a small hill. You would be surprised how many people don’t even know that it’s there and pass straight by on the main road. The resort has plenty of great places to eat and it really is a great family resort. It’s got plenty to offer without being too brash which is probably why those who have discovered it return year after year. The safe sandy bays are perfect for bathing and the clear blue Mediterranean waters make them great for snorkeling. Most of the bars provide evening entertainment and there are some real nice restaurants that won’t charge you the earth either. If you are in the mood for finger food the Southern fried chicken is worth a visit and there’s even a pizza hut too.

Right next door to Pernera is her big sister Protaras with it’s long strip and huge beach. There are literally hundreds of bars and restaurants on the resort making it ideal for those who prefer a lively holiday. A visit to the fig tree bay area is highly recommended especially if you enjoy all kinds of water sports such as paracending and water skiing. You can even hire a powerboat by the hour and take to the high seas yourself. The choice of places to eat is nothing short of bewildering with just about every kind of cuisine on offer somewhere including the obligatory Macdonalds. The resort is modern and clean with everything you need in one place making it an ideal family resort.

Twenty minutes drive away is the largest resort in the Famagusta area, Agia Napa the party capital of Cyprus. If you want night life then Agia Napa is the place to be. It’s not just about partying until dawn though because the resort is also great for families and the beaches are magnificent. There’s a bustling harbor too that’s shared by modern pleasure cruisers and traditional fishing boats. If you turn up there early enough you could even buy some sea fresh fish for your dinner. The town itself has plenty to offer in the way of shops and restaurants of every kind. If you are feeling adventurous there is the famous Nissi beach area with it’s bungie jump crane and a whole lot more besides. Don’t forget that Agia Napa also boast one of the best water parks in Europe too where you can scare yourself witless on the giant water slides.

With some great resorts and the main town of Paralimni the Famagusta area of Cyprus has something for everyone. If you fancy a spot of retail therapy Paralimni town is a great place to shop with plenty of boutiques and even a Marks and Spencers. Afterwards you can relax in one of the trendy cafe bars dotted around the pretty town square or quench your thirst with a cool beer in one of the many tavernas. There are several large supermarkets that sell everything from tea bags to furniture and much more besides. Look out for the bakeries that are springing up all over the place. They are open 24 hours and sell all those essential items like bread and milk plus some calorie laden goodies for those with a sweet tooth. Enjoy your holidays and enjoy visiting the Famagusta area of Cyprus.

Kevin Moore lives half the year in Cyprus and writes regular articles about all things Cyprus including holidays and Cyprus property purchase. Check out his web site Cyprus Info Here

South Korea Holiday Packages The Best Tour To South Korea

South Korea is a fast growing country that has an array of lovely locations for you where you can go to spend a few days. In current times, the people from worldwide are taking interest in visiting the nation because they are much attracted with its eye-catching locations. The Korean culture is gaining more and more attention in the world and people of the UK and US get more and more fun there when they plan their holidays to the nation. The great advantage of the South Korea holiday packages is that they also enable to low budget people to go there without disturbing their budgets.

These South Korean holiday packages include a lot of facilities including good and cheap accommodation facility, cheap flight, cheap tour and guide facility to the local areas and so on. All you need to do is to find out the suitable agent who is willing to provide you with a good deal that add these things. When you are hiring any agent to book the trip, it will also be good for you to review the previous customers experience that will help you know about the facilities and other details about the company.

Neither need to stand in front of the local agent nor to urge him to search a cheap tour package for South Korea to you because you are able yourself to book the cheap package. You have chances to make your life pleased and relaxed with the awesome packages that are just designed for you. The motto of these packages is that you are able to dig up more excitement and fun there with your family and kith and kin.

Australia Hotels- Cocoon Of Eternal Bliss

Tucked away in the southern hemisphere of the world, Australia is a dream destination for many. Have a look of the unspoiled natural beauty or take a dip in the untamed waters, marvel at the beauty of the verdant greenery or soak yourself in the rich historical legacy of the land. Explore the Gold Coast region of Queensland or learn more about the natural history of South and Western Australia. If you love surprises then you must embark on a voyage across places like Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and others.

Large number of tourists from all across the world comes to this place round the year. While the southeast and southwest parts of the continent experience a temperate climate, the temperature of the country is largely influenced by oceanic currents. Transportation system of Australia is developed and it comprises of airways, roadways, railways as well as waterways. Dotted all along the island continent are a large number of both cheap and luxurious Australia hotels.

Be it Sydney or Queensland, Gold Coast or Cairns, you would come across a large number of hotels all across. Apart from hotels, there are a large number of motels; back peppers inns and spa resorts. To match the pocket of all types of travelers there are many types of hotels ranging from luxurious boutique style hotels to pocket friendly budget hotels. So choose the hotel that best fits your pocket.

There are many luxurious hotels in Australia which offer many tours and packages. Explore the lush green rain forests and the rock formations or view the diversified ecology of the region. Most of the hotels located in different parts of Australia are award winning hotels. The unmatchable range of facilities and services offered to the guests makes it good accommodation options for all. Guests can experience a comfortable stay in the rooms of the hotel which ensure complete privacy to all. All the luxurious hotels of the different cities of Australia have on-site restaurants and bars. The wide range of business and meeting facilities provided to the business travelers are also impressive. During their leisure guests can avail the different recreational and health facilities.

If your pocket is causing a little trouble, then you can avail one of the cheap or the moderately priced hotels. Travelers can avail the best of the services at reasonable prices in the cheap hotels of Australia. There are also several youth hostels in different cities and towns of Australia. Australia is also known for its different spa resorts which are present in plenty. There are professionals who offer special massages to rejuvenate your senses.

Enjoy Your Vacation In A Budget Hotel Near Airport Delhi

The city of Delhi with its rich history and tradition is one of the hottest destinations for tour and sightseeing. The region was in vogue during the Mughal era and gained significance during the British rule. The city is huge witness to changing guards and reeks of power in the corridors of the bygone eras structure still standing tall in the city. With the advent of the new millennium, the city has undergone many changes and it is definitely worth a visit to see all the rich architecture embellishing the national capital. This place is a frequent stop for many people coming to the city for vacation or business deals.

If you have decided to pay a visit, now you have to decide a suitable place to stay during your vacation. Many expensive hotels promising comfort can be found in the city but if one gets the same traits in a budget hotel near airport Delhi, a substantial amount of money can be saved. Hotel Waves, a premium luxury hotel endorsing the meaning of extravagance in a budget is a spectacular place that hosts outstanding facilities. The hotel is placed on a foundation of refined hospitality and is poised to give an exceptional treatment to its guests. For a great many years, the hotel has been a bastion of comfort and extravagance.

This hotel near airport New Delhi considerably reduces time and energy while reaching the airport. Amidst the huge traffic jam that envelops the city during rush hour, it is a privilege to be in a position to catch your flight on time. The hotel arranges pick up and drop, sightseeing and also rental cars for various purposes. The hotel outnumbers its counterparts by dint of their fantastic features that comprises of AC, LCD TV, round the clock supply of hot and cold water, laundry services, Wi-Fi connectivity, Fax, Photostat and emergency medical services. The responsibility of the guests hospitality is placed in the very capable hands of the hotel staff that are always ready to present their services with paramount diligence.

And the food in the hotel restaurant is definitely worth mentioning for the sumptuous cuisine that it serves. Along with acceptance of all major credit cards, the hotel also offers safe deposits for storage of valuables. In addition to the mind blowing features is the warm dcor of the hotel that showers the complex with a serene atmosphere. Armed with top of the world amenities, this hotel is a terrific place to enjoy a budget stay in Delhi. Therefore, check in to this hotel if you want to get a five star treatment at an affordable rate.

Penang Business Travel Leisure Guide

Penang is the main electronics and computer related exporting state in Malaysia. It has several big silicon manufacturing company like Intel, AMD and many others silicon manufacturing here also. Having a business trip in Penang is rather more vacation than compare to business travel. However, you can try to sneak out some times for self sight seeing around in downtown and heritage buildings areas.

Transportation When you land at the airport, go to the Taxi counter to purchase the ticket for the taxi queue outside. It costs RM38 to go to the Georgetown area (Evergreen, Traders and G hotels) – Taxis around Penang are pricey and they will not use the meter. It is pretty standard prices although some drivers may be open to negotiate if you agree to regular pick up. I usually take the hotel shuttle to office but have the same driver pick me up everyday from office at 5pm. It costs 30 ringgit to the Traders hotel from my office in Bayan Lepas industrial areal. One way from Georgetown hotels to Kulim industrial park is about 70 to 90 ringgit. If you are commuting to Kulim daily from a Georgetown hotel, you definitely want to make arrangements with a cabby rather than try to call a cab from office on the way home. – During rush hour, expect to spend 30 min to/from island and mainland. The ride over the bridge and Kulim may run an hour.

Accommodations All these hotels have shuttle service to offices in Bayan Lepas industrial park in the mornings. – Equatorial Hotel, most expensive and most isolated of the hotels. This is a very old hotel and I have chosen not to stay here because it seems to be such an inconvenient place to stay so I will leave it for someone else to chat about. – Trader’s Hotel, this use to be the old Shangri La hotel and although it is been remodeled, and still very much the same hotel. Plus: Good business hotel with a strong free internet connection, good variety for the free breakfast buffet, comfortable rooms with everything in working order, good grocery store located in the nearby Grand Plaza mall (basement). Minus: No decent restaurants nearby (good hawker stands on Lorong Baru, a 5-10 min walk from the hotel, closed on Wed.), there are some mediocre restaurants in the mall behind the hotel (there is a Starbucks in Prangin Mall behind the hotel) – G Hotel, this is a fairly new hotel but the paint is a already fading in some of the rooms. This is a really popular hotel so it books up quickly. The real draw of this hotel is location right next to the upscale Gurney Plaza. They have made some improvements like bolstering their internet. Plus: Free breakfast and internet, they will give you a ocean view room if available and you ask for it, very nice gym overlooking the ocean, very stylish pool area. Minus: Not enough electrical plugs in the room, no clock, there is no phone on the desk where the cable connection is but you just need to move it yourself, dim lighting in the bathroom, some of the rooms have major plumbing problems (my carpet was soaked because of leaky plumbing; more than one room I stayed in had this problem) basically it seems like this hotel was put up in a hurry with little attention to quality control. – Evergreen Hotel, Decent cheap hotel, 20 min walk (or 10 Ringitt taxi ride) from Gurney Plaza. Plus: free internet, good business rooms, nearby hotel has Starbucks and some decent restaurants (Nasi Kandar is very good). Minus: corporate rate would not get you an ocean view, breakfast is not free and was not very flavorful.

Restaurants Secret Recipe has great desserts but mediocre food, Sushi King has terrible Japanese food, Nasi Kandar has great flavorful curry, the Japanese restaurant at the G hotel is very authentic and tasty, the Food Loft in Gurney Plaza has a nice selection of international dishes (I recommend the salmon and snow fish in the American section), there is a Chili’s next to the G Hotel that has really good cheeseburgers (which is a treat after 3 weeks in Asia). There are alot of places that have all you can eat seafood; many of the hotels do and so does a restaurant called Tao’s (great butterfish). – My favorite hawker stand is located in downtown Georgetown on Lorong Baru. The best Char Koay Teow stand you can find in island. There are hawker stands everywhere in Georgetown, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringi, and almost every places you hang out in the island you can find any hawker food around. – The satay beef and chicken from the hawker stand, near McDonalds, on Gurney Drive is a good choice for trying PG street food. Satay is charcoal grilled, bite sized, skewered meat served with peanut sauce. A meal of 20 skewers will cost $3

Entertainment Langkawi Coral reef snorkling is the best daytrip under $100. The package includes hotel pickup and a 2 hour high speed boat ride to and from an unforgettable underwater experience. The shaded snorkeling platform is located in the pristine waters of Pulau Payar, a few feet above one of world’s most spectacular coral gardens. Groupers, Barracuda, and parrotfish are some of the 100s of fish that school around the platform. The sea platform includes an underwater observatory, snorkeling equipment and diving facilities.