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Restaurant And Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Frequency

Many new restaurant owners or commercial kitchen managers struggle to know how often their exhaust hood fans and ducts should be cleaned. Cleaning the exhaust hoods, ducts, fans and filters are not only important but are required by the law under fire code NFPA 96. Failing to properly maintain the kitchen exhaust hood system can result in fires, unpleasant odors, premature breakdown and catastrophic loss. The grease that builds up in the system provides ample fuel for a fire that can burn at an incredible heat. Most exhaust systems have a fire suppression system within the hood and at the mouth of the vertical duct, but fire suppression systems do not provide protection in the vertical and horizontal ductwork or the fan on the roof.

So how often should a restaurant have their exhaust system cleaned? The frequency of cleaning is something that is highly dependent on the volume of cooking and the type of cooking that you perform. Obviously, higher volume cooking locations require more frequent cleaning. However, what most restaurant owners do not realize is that the type of food their kitchen prepares also plays an important role in how often the exhaust system should be serviced.

For instance, preparing foods that are high in fats and oils (such as cooking burgers, char broil cooking, foods cooked in a wok, cooking with solid fuels (wood) or open vat fryers) deposit much more grease into the exhaust system than traditional cooking. So if you are preparing burgers on a daily basis at a high volume your kitchen exhaust hoods will need to be serviced regularly (quarterly at a minimum) to prevent fires and unacceptable grease buildup.

Determining the optimal level of exhaust hood cleaning that your kitchen or restaurant requires takes years of experience. It is often best to consult with a reputable and certified kitchen exhaust hood inspector who can evaluate your system and cooking habits to provide a recommendation on a cleaning and maintenance schedule. Some commercial kitchen and restaurant hood cleaners provide exhaust hood inspection services for free, and some will even provide pictures of the internal ductwork.

As a rule of thumb no commercial kitchen exhaust system in regular use should go over six months without a thorough cleaning. However, if you are cooking a high volume of foods that are high in fats and oils a thorough cleaning might be required as often as twice a month. This is where the expertise of a certified kitchen exhaust system inspector can help you determine how often your exhaust system needs to be cleaned. Once you have a cleaning and maintenance schedule in place reevaluate the schedule every year to ensure that changes in cooking load or menu options have not increased grease buildup between services.

Wow Hotels And Resorts – Tomorrow Comes Today!

With technology getting obsolete by the seconds, one wonders if there is any relevance to the future. Especially for the trendy hospitality industry, where the race is to compete in fulfilling guest expectations. These expectations are related to the product, its character and personality. Hotel chains spend a tremendous amount of time and money in researching user-friendly technology to remain competitive. Hotels are going hi-tech in every area of guest experience.
A quick review of the use of technology in hotels reveals an interesting conclusion. Hotels, which do not keep pace with technology, may lose their guest base while at the same time, a traveller who does not keep himself updated with technology may feel out of place in hi-tech hotels. Most city hotels are well equipped with latest, state of the art technology. The future hotels might see hotel rooms with much more advanced technology. For example, hotels are now adopting biometrics technology. This technology uses voice, fingerprints or retina scan for personal identification, replacing the room key and combination safe in the rooms. One has to glare at the door to get it opened or, touch the biometric sensor to open the safe.
Practically all good hotels have high definition television sets, but with the advent of 3D revolution, hotels will have to switch to new technology sooner than later. The same technology will also be useful for telephonic and video conferencing.
Touch screen telephones, compressor free mini bars, in-room environment control, electronic do not disturb signs etc, have now become as part of granted features in the rooms. The introduction of Control l4, is going to further revolutionize the hotel systems. Imagine walking to the door of the room, the system detects you, turns on the lights, TV, sets temperature of the room, and awaits your arrival at the door. The TV starts to play a welcome message or introduces the room features as you enter the room. The system also manages the wake call and do not disturb process.
Future hotels are going to use room window glass as a TV screen. A switch will make the glass opaque and a projection system from the ceiling will start your favourite programme on the screen with surround sound digital speakers.
Today, hotels offer high-speed wireless broadband internet connectivity in the rooms with interface to the TV. Some hotels however, offer wireless internet in the entire hotel, in every nook and corner. One can use the laptop anywhere. Hotels also offer colour-printing facilities from the laptop at a central printer in the Business Centre.
Room motion sensors detect motion and body temperature, and set the room parameters to suit your body needs. If no motion is detected beyond a specified period, it turns off the air-conditioning, lights and TV. Timer settings are crucial for success of this system.
For those who need to relax their muscles, hotels offer an electric massage chair in the rooms. No need to go to the spa for time strapped guests needing a quick fix.
For satisfying a demanding hi-tech traveller, the art is to anticipate needs and tailor the product with such elements that satisfies these needs and wants. A few years back an hotelier could not have imagined a guest carrying his virtual office in his laptop, or his music collection in his i-Pod or MP3. Well, today he does. Hotels are therefore providing connectivity of these gadgets to the TV and sound system. Hotels are also providing connectivity cable to connect digital camera to the TV. The guest can view the quality of pictures in the privacy of his room.
The bathrooms in hi-tech hotels are a delight to the eye and experience. Most hotels have frost-free mirrors, Multiple Volt shaver sockets, temperature controlled Jacuzzi. Rain shower and aqua massage systems. Heated seats for water closet and bidet are provided for additional comforts. A small colour TV at the foot of the Jacuzzi and extension of room telephone. What one would see in the future is that the mirror will double as a computer screen and one could watch mails while soaking in the bath tub, sounds interesting!.
The biggest challenge for the hotelier is to keep pace with technology. Implement technology in a cost efficient manner and to know where to draw a line. While being Hi-Tech sounds good, the concept also has a feel good factor, one must understand what and how much should be adopted in a hotel.
This is just a glimpse of different shades of technology being used or about to debut in hotels across the globe.
The ultimate quality of the experiences and degree of satisfaction of hundreds of guests and visitors depends upon judicious and right use of technology. The smallest glitch in the system is enough to ruin the experience. The art is to anticipate the needs of tomorrow and provide them today, leaving one to wonder what happens the day after.
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Can I Buy Restaurant Ingredients For Home Cooking

It is possible to recreate your favourite gourmet meat experience from the comfort of your own home, and fortunately you dont have to compromise on quality to achieve it.

Many wholesale meat suppliers, specialise in offering the same quality meat used by top restaurants at considerably lower prices.

And how do they achieve this? By selling their meat in mass!

Instead of having to package their meat singularly; wholesale meat suppliers purposefully sell their meat in high volume to not only save on the cost of packaging but ultimately to offer you your favourite gourmet meats at a discount

Where can I find these restaurant ingredients?

If you are interested in buying only high quality meat, the best sources are usually online

We know, this might sound strange, but if you look around your local supermarket, it is rare that you will find an offline meat supplier who can guarantee gourmet meat quality at affordable pricing. Their packaging alone, bumps up the cost of their meat meaning you have to pay more to receive more.

However opt to buy meat online and it is possible to witness restaurant quality that doesnt have to break the bank (as explained above).

In fact, many of your favourite restaurants, utilise wholesale meat suppliers for their restaurants to enable them to buy quality meat in bulk.

What should I do?

To ensure you receive the highest quality cuts when you buy meat online, it is important that you do your research. Many top online meat suppliers list restaurant testimonials to show where their gourmet meat has been utilised, and these can prove invaluable when judging their quality.

Similarly, appearances in the media or on dedicated cookery shows can be a strong indicator that you are buying the same gourmet meat that top restaurants are buying too.

Just remember to look around, check out their reputation and read their case studies. Once you are confident you are receiving the best, only then buy meat or steak online.

Condado De Alhama Golf Resort

For some of the finest golf courses in Europe, and one of the best climates in the world, there really is only one location to buy a Polaris World golf property and that’s Murcia, Spain. And if you’re choosing a golf resort here why not opt for the largest resort so far at Condado de Alhama. At 9 million square metres this resort is larger than the other Polaris World golf resorts put together and once complete will possess three Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses. There is no better time to have a look at what this resort has to offer as a new town centre was finished in July 2009 adding more first rate facilities to what is already one of the best resorts in the world.

Condado de Alhama Golf Resort

The Polaris World Condado de Alhama golf resort is in the Valle del Guadalentn area of Murcia, Spain. Situated in the foothills of Sierra Espuna and Carrascoy-El Valle, two regional nature reserves, the resort is divided into three areas: Los Jardines de Alhama, Los Naranjos de Alhama and La Isla del Condado.

Los Jardines de Alhama

Translated this means ‘The Gardens of Alhama’ and the area, as you would suppose, is spacious and green with properties built around landscaped gardens and swimming pools. The Los Jardines development is pedestrianised with dedicated cycle lanes enabling residents to walk or cycle around the parks and enjoy the extensive variety of plant life. Los Jardines de Alhama is very family friendly with its separate play areas for children and it also has first-rate sports facilities including tennis courts, football pitches and basketball courts. The properties are built in a traditional Mediterranean style with architecture that blends in effortlessly with the manicured surroundings.

Los Naranjos de Alhama

‘Naranjos’ is the name given to a native orange tree of the region and this area of Condado de Alhama is lined with the attractive tree on its streets, within its gardens and around its squares. Los Naranjos is in the heart of the golf resort and once had its own town centre called El Agora. This town centre has been extended to include the new resort town centre called El Foro providing an even bigger collection of facilities just a short walk away along the leafy avenues. Properties in Los Naranjos have a stepped architectural design and the penthouses look out onto the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course (under construction – due for completion in December 2009).

La Isla del Condado

Condado de Alhama translated means ‘Alhama County’ which is where the resort is situated in Murcia. La Isla del Condado means ‘The Island of the County’ and this area is an apartment complex on an island on the lake in the centre of the golf resort. La Isla is a waterfront setting that stretches down to the main town centre of El Foro. Residents benefit from stunning views from their apartments across the lake as well as three infinity pools that give the impression of being part of the lake itself. La Isla has tranquil boulevards and green spaces that incorporate children’s play areas. Around the lake are several piers from which a ferry service runs to the town centre.

El Foro & El Oasis Town Centre

The focus of activity at the Condado de Alhama golf resort is within the El Foro and El Oasis town centres. El Foro means ‘The Forum’ and this vast 12,000 square metre complex includes the relocated El Agora town centre which initially served the Los Naranjos complex. Designed in a Hispanic-Arabic style around a courtyard with a large central water feature, the El Foro town centre is due to open this month (July 2009) and along with the 60,000 square metre El Oasis town centre provides bars, restaurants, banks, stores, supermarkets, hairdressers, launderettes, pharmacies, restaurants, cinemas and healthcare services to residents.

natural and organic elegance japan 8 times tour program

brazil chinese travel agency We are major time website site visitors to this element california las vegas 10 morning tour belonging toward the united states and desire to ascertain like a terrific offer as feasible but not so a terrific offer that my husband freaks out with all within of the producing and ferries. We equally like walking near to and exploring cities, but moreover desire to knowledge all within of the natural and organic elegance japan 8 times tour program belonging toward the mountains as well as the Pacific. california las vegas 10 day tour, we are not backpackers or vital hikers.

We are flying into Seattle the last morning of 3 day vancouver tours (Sat-Sun) and have 8 nights. I am preparing on spending the major two nights in Seattle. right right after that, I am thinking about of producing to Vancouver for several of nights, producing utilization of the one of people individuals instances to go to Whistler. Then pondering about Vancouver Island for three nights (via ferry from 4 day canadian rockies tour near to Vancouver) right after which spending the last evening in Seattle using the airline 15 times brazil and argentina airline home on Sunday.

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Manali – Tour Packages For Manali Hill Station

Manali is arranged in himachal pardesh. Manali is an excellent slope station in Himachal Pradesh, India. Manali is prevalently regarded as ‘Switzerland of India’.

Manali is a ubiquitous Himalayan traveler end and represents very nearly a quarter of all vacationer entries in Himachal Pradesh. Manali’s cool surroundings gives an immaculate asylum for the ones burdened by the hot Indian summers.

It is well-known for exploit dons like skiing, trekking, mountaineering, para coasting, rafting, trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. It additionally offers hot springs, fantastic otherworldly holy places and sanctuaries, Tibetan Buddhist sanctuaries, and trekking in the neighboring mountains. Manali in India is a paramount slope station and special first night terminus.

There is heaps of view places in manali like:

Hadimba Temple: This blessed place is committed to the nearby god Hadimba, wife of the Pandava ruler. A major celebration is held here in the month of May.

Manu Temple: This is committed to the Lord Manu. This sanctuary is a standout amongst the most old sanctuaries on the planet. Consistent with scriptures, Manu was the first man in nature.

Vashisth: There are old sanctuaries committed to the savvy Vashisth and to Lord Rama. Vashistha spot is well known for its hot springs

Religious communities: Manali is known for its Buddhist religious communities. It is kept up from neighborhood subject or nearby group of manali.

Rohtang Pass: At an elevation of 13,050 feet above ocean level, is an alternate exploit visitor site where it could be cool even on a Spring day. It is the most noteworthy focus on the Manali-Keylong street and gives a wide surrounding perspective of mountains climbing far above mists, which is without a doubt stunning. Close by is a little lake called Dassaur Lake.

Jagatsukh: Jagatsukh was old capital of kullu. A really popular Gyatri Temple is arranged in Jagatsukh which is fabricated by pandav’s.

Solang Valley: In a beguiling setting this has exceptional ski inclined and cookout spots.

Don’t miss the touring treks to Hadimba Temple, Manikaran, Arjun Gufa, Solang Valley, Bijli Mahadev Shrine, Jagatsukh, Brighu Lake, Naggar, Manu Temple, Tibetan Monasteries, and Vashist Hot Water Springs. Take the support of the travel work area at the Hotels in Manali to see you through these staggering spots.

While staying at one of the inns in Manali, venture out of the inn door to watch a selective arrangement of occasions throughout the Dussehra celebration – one of the major fairs and celebrations in Manali.

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Morocco Vacations Exposed

Morocco kisses the Sahara on its southern coast while it hugs the Atlas Mountains on its northern region. The beauty and splendor of the Atlas Mountains is without doubt spellbinding. Other than making the setting of Morocco beautiful, this mountain range also protects it from Algeria. In addition to these natural scenes, you will also come across great plain lands which stretch between the mountains and Moroccos Atlantic coast. The best time of the year for a morocco vacation is spring and autumn.

During your Morocco vacation you will love to discover the great cites which are brimming which culture and beauty. Fes, a renowned city of Morocco, is widely considered as the center of this country. In fact, it is regarded as the largest living medieval cities in the whole world. You will love to unveil the astounding gates and walls of the town.

Marrakesh is another great city which you ought to see on your Morocco vacations. It used to be the capital of morocco before. Brimming with culture and heritage, it is one of the best places to discover on your morocco vacations. If you are a shopping freak, you will certainly have enough shopping opportunities here. You will also be able to indulge in some great festivals in this beautiful city. As the city is so happening and has so many things to do, you will not find any time to get bored. There are interesting things you can enjoy here such as seeing the great magic shows and checking out what the snake charmers have to present you.

Rabat is an added amazing city with a unique setting of Islamic and European culture. Ait Benhaddou is another amazing place you must not miss on your Morroco vacations. It is in fact known as the most extraordinary and best-preserved place of the whole Atlas region. It has much to entertain you such as its natural beauty together with open-air food stalls and music.

You must not miss out visiting the Hasan II Mosque. It is one of the most beautiful sites on your Morroco vacation. Being the worlds third largest religious place, this Mosque is the epitome of art and design. It presents a wonderful blend of French and native design. Natural beauty, great entertainment, art and culture, food and festivity Morocco vacations will offer you all the best you can dream of for a great holiday.If you wish to have an exclusive vacation this year, the best place for you to head to is Morocco. Morocco vacations are replete with natural beauty and enticing things to see and do. It is certainly an awesome amalgamation of sand, sea and snow. Morocco is popular for its astounding scenic beauty which entices people from all around the globe to unveil the wonders it holds.

Morocco kisses the Sahara on its southern coast while it hugs the Atlas Mountains on its northern region. The beauty and splendor of the Atlas Mountains is without doubt spellbinding. Other than making the setting of Morocco beautiful, this mountain range also protects it from Algeria. In addition to these natural scenes, you will also come across great plain lands which stretch between the mountains and Moroccos Atlantic coast. The best time of the year for a morocco vacation is spring and autumn.

Some Tips To Help Deal With Traveling Internationally

By far the biggest factor in having a wonderful travel experience when venturing abroad is knowing and understanding the land you are traveling to prior to leaving home. Understanding the items you will need for travel as well as what to expect when you arrive can prepare you for anything that may arise. When traveling to Australia, the rules are pretty clear and they are very welcoming to tourists from around the globe; however no matter whether you are traveling to Sydney or Brisbane, there are some things that you should be aware of.

MEDICATION – You may bring your personal use prescriptions into the country however they must be declared upon your arrival. It is advisable that you bring with you a physical prescription or note from your doctor saying what the medication is and why you are taking it.

There are no particular vaccinations that you will have to have normally before going to Australia. The only thing currently that you might need to worry about is if you are traveling from a country that is experiencing a yellow fever outbreak. You will need do do something about that.

DUTY FREE – Once you have purchased your airfare you can go duty free shopping. You can bring only certain quantities of alcohol and cigarettes into the country and any amounts that exceed these stipulated limits must be declared with customs. Also, keep in mind that these days there are also limits as the amount of liquid that you can bring on the plane.

You will have a ball being out in the incredible wonderful weather that always seems to be present in Australia. This can be dangerous if you are not accustomed to being in the sun. If you will be outside for more than 30 minutes, wear sunscreen. It is just so simple to do and so much easier to deal with over a painful sunburn. If you are going to be enjoying all day activities outside, a hat is essential. Keep the kids covered too and don’t forget to regularly reapply the sunscreen.

You can uncover fabulous brisbane hotels near to the attractions that interest you the most. For a nice spot to just lay your head down after a busy day, you can uncover some cheap brisbane accommodation to fit any budget.

Make your leisure time great with Rabindra sangeet in Hindi

As is common thing that there are many types of problems and emotional situations come in everyone’s life. But it is not a better idea that to retain yourself in that situations for a long time. It will affect your mind and health and can knock down your will power and motivation to work. You may lose your objective and thus cannot deliver appropriate thing in personal life as well as in professional life. Therefore, getting out of such uneasy situation is very important and this will bring back you in the normal form. It is better for you and your family as well.

Music helps you to regenerate your will powerwer

However, by having mental strength, one can overcome the impact of any kind of negative emotions. You can take help of other external thing as well to recover from such a perturbed condition of your mind. In such a tough time, music can help you seriously to recover. Therefore, switch yourself in listening positive melody when you get leisure time. It will show better result as it calms down your mind and heighten your view for the surrounding. You can buy good CDs and DVDs of greatest musicians of this recent time or old times from the market or you can get upbeat notes that will energies your mind and help you to back into your regular form.

While you are relaxed and contended with your lifestyle and work, still music can help you to improve your thinking style as with it your mind and brain gets freshen up. Some individual take its help on regular basis as it gives them oxygen to give better competition.

Search the market to find out latest melody from contemporary musicians

You can switch yourself to any type of melody or composition you love. You can choose from your best singer’s collection, or choose oldies as those are very melodious and effective to make your mind feel good. You will surely find contemporary Bengali modern song singer in Kolkata as well whose music you love to listen. You can search the new collection of any supermarket or store where today’s top Bengali singer collection you can find. Searching different alternatives of song, such as Bengali Rabindra sangeet, Najrul giti, Shama sangeet or contemporary songs and classical or contemporary Hindi songs, help you to choose the best music. Going with the trend, not everybody likes, as every individual have his or her own opinion and most of the times those taste and opinion dose not exactly matches with the others. Therefore, try out a huge range to select the optimum choice for yourself.

In these days, you can get Rabindra sangeet in Hindi as well. There are various singers, who make this possible. All these contemporary songs are good music and capable to break the boredom. Collect some for your own collection for your leisure time. Sharing your experience with such latest collection to your friend, has interest in music, help them to find their best. If they love the collection, they get some for themselves and can enjoy it solely or with friends and family.

Are You an Unhappy Timeshare Vacation Owner

You already know the horror stories of owning a timeshare vacation. Salespeople sold you with lavish promises of exotic vacations that never quite come true. They trapped you with a high pressure sales pitch for hours. You feel nickel and dimed by all the fees you have to pay to use it. You can never recoup the money you spent when you try to resell. After you’ve bought the timeshare, you can either regret the purchase doing everything you can to get rid of it or you can use it to its fullest. I’d like to open your eyes to the possibilities that you can still enjoy your purchase and hopefully make you a happy timeshare owner.

More than likely, during a vacation in your not so distance past, you were happily walking down the street or checking into your hotel, when somebody asked you, “Would you like to make $100 for 2 hours of your time?” or “How would you like free tickets to the show tonight?” You accepted the invitation and later found yourself in a room full of people who also accepted the invitation. You watched a video telling you about all the great things you can accomplish if you’ll just buy this timeshare. You then took a tour of the units, with the salesperson telling you this is the number one vacation destination in the country. Then you went back to a conference room where you spent the next few hours trying to get out of the presentation so you could get your $100 and return to your vacation. You looked at the numbers they gave you and for some reason they made financial sense to prepay all your future vacations. Then you came home and realized you’ve created a huge financial liability and start to regret the purchase. It got worse when you started researching online, finding all the horror stories people tell about their timeshare experience.

The regret really comes from the mismatch between reality and what the sales team told you. Basically, you took the sales pitch at face value. When they showed you those numbers, they presented them in the best possible light. “It’s a small maintenance fee, about $75 a month for upkeep so the resort remains a premium destination.” “The exchange fee is only $100.” “We’ll pay for the first year’s membership with the exchange company.” Realistically, it will cost me over $1000 to use my Marriott Vacation Club timeshare for one week this year. You probably realize by now that the same unit you just bought sells for half the price you paid on the resale market. You probably tried to use it, figuring you’d give it a chance and went to go trade it with one of the exchange companies. For some reason, your searches don’t bring up any of those exotic destinations they sold you on, like Hawaii. Your searches only return place like Orlando or Las Vegas. Maybe this wasn’t your experience, but I doubt you would read this article if it wasn’t close. You must remember that those salespeople are there to sell to you. They talk up all the good points and avoid the bad points.

With that kind of experience, does the number of dissatisfied timeshare owners surprise you? Some people will never get past the point of feeling they got ripped off. But what can they do, now? They could sell it on the resale market for half of what they paid for it. They could stop paying the maintenance fees and taxes, loosing the rights to even use their property. They could continue to use it and feel the regret every time they paid their maintenance fee, the exchange company membership fee and the exchange fee. Or they could educate themselves learn some of the tips and methods to become a happy and successful timeshare owner.

The first step to happy timeshare vacation ownership is to consider your purchase price a sunk cost. You will never get all of that money back. This may be a painful shift in your thinking, especially if you financed it and are still making payments. If you did finance the purchase, you may want to look at alternative financing, like taking out a home equity loan on your residence to pay off the timeshare company’s note. This will at least save you some money on interest. In any case, the next step is to concentrate on making your timeshare a worthwhile investment. I’ve come to realize that even with my timeshare I do not save money on my vacations. Rather, I take better vacations for the money I spend. What do I mean by this? For my $1000, I’m not staying in a standard hotel room in the budget hotel a few blocks from the action. Instead I’m staying at a 2 bedroom condo, in the middle of the golf course next to the JW Marriott. It even comes with a kitchen. Yes, I drank the Kool-aid. Truth is you can’t be happy unless you’ve make that kind of comparison. If you only can think about how much you spend every year, then twist it around and start thinking about how much it would cost you to take that vacation on the open market. For instance, my Marriott ownership allows me to exchange for Marriott Rewards points, which I can use at Marriott’s hotels. I used this feature to stay at the Marriott Grand Flora Hotel in the heart of Rome. At nearly $400 a night, my $1000 that year was well worth the price. I can guarantee you that I would never dream of spending $3000 on a hotel room for my vacation. Many other modern timeshare companies have similar programs. You should explore these options. They might make more sense for your style of vacationing than just looking at exchanging or staying at your home resort year after year. Personally, I let my free membership with the exchange company lapse and never looked back.

If you stick with the exchange companies, you really need to understand how they work. They use secret formulas to match a timeshare trade with like for like. This means a studio unit in Boston for December will not match to a 2 bedroom unit in Hawaii in May. This ensures that when you give your unit to the timeshare company, they will only match your trade to a unit that’s similar in size and similar in quality with the unit you gave them. During my brief time as an exchanger, I figured out 2 ways you can use this to your advantage. The first: become an obsessive planner and figure out where you want to go on your vacation about a year in advance, possibly even 2 years. Reserve the best highest demand week you possibly can, such as holidays or spring break. Then place your trade request as early as you can. Keep in mind, the weaker your position, the more flexible you need to be. If you have a low-demand week, you can’t expect to get the size or date you really want. It may happen, but don’t expect it. The second way to take advantage of the like for like rule: look for the window of time when those formulas no longer apply, usually within a month or two of the unit’s check-in date. You need to be very flexible to use this method. Think what would happen if a Hawaii timeshare owner cannot use their unit next month and deposits their 2 bedroom unit. Since the check-in date on the Hawaii 2-bedroom is so soon, the formulas don’t apply and you are eligible to make this trade, no matter what kind of unit you deposited. If you are diligently searching for this kind of trade, you can increase your probability of reserving that 2-bedroom unit.

Of course you can do other things with your unit, such as renting it out, donating the week to charity or any number of uses. Unfortunately, the timeshare companies don’t spend much time teaching owners the ins and outs of using their timeshare. You need to take control and do some research to find out the many ways to properly use your timeshare. If changing your thinking and learning how to properly use your timeshare still results in failure and you’re unhappy with your timeshare. There’s really nothing you can do to make you feel good about the purchase. On the other hand, you’re now forced to take a week away from work every year. Is that really such a bad thing? I used to take a vacation every other year. Now I alternate between an annual international trip and a domestic trip. Remember you now have the privilege of taking incredible vacations for the same price you used to spend on budget traveling.