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Discovering Exotic Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

The term “exotic” is often used too frequently to falsely describe areas that could more appropriately be called ordinary or commonplace. Places like Jamaica and Aruba, for example, are often referred to as exotic, when in truth they have become very popular destinations which attract thousands of tourists each year. However there are still a few truly exotic vacation spots in the Caribbeanspots offering a combination of privacy, seclusion and luxurythat are quickly making a name for themselves. In this article we will discuss two such locales in a little more detail: Barbados and Turks and Caicos.

Exotic Vacation Spots in the Caribbean: Barbados

Barbados is a skillfully blended incorporation of British Colonialism and African belief systems and culture. From the moment you land on this beautiful island, youll notice that this exotic vacation spot features over 100 miles of pristine, coral beaches which are just minutes away from thick tropical jungles just teeming with local wildlife. The people in Barbados are very friendly and speak English as their first language which should make it very easy to get around and explore all the island has to offer. At a Barbados exotic vacation spot you can:

* Hire a tour guide and explore the entire island
* Lose yourself shopping at Pelican Village
* Participate in water sports such as scuba, snorkeling and saltwater fishing
* Visit the Barbados wildlife preserve
* Dine and drink at one of the hundreds of restaurants and bars located on the island
* And much, much more

Exotic Vacation Spots in the Caribbean: Turks and Caicos

While the island of Turks and Caicos may be lesser known than some of the larger, more tourist-catering island groups in the Caribbean, this wonderful location is the perfect exotic vacation spot. Featuring some of the finest beaches and sea activities in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos will make you feelat timeslike youve left civilization altogether.

At Turks and Caicos you can:

* Find luxury, all-inclusive resort locations
* Go diving or snorkeling with the help of real underwater professionals
* Take a boat out for some whale watching
* And more

Turks and Caicos features a number of National parks and historical landmarks, with open-air shopping and fine dining to round out each and very special day on the island.

Whether youre planning to travel to Bermuda, Turks and Caicos or both, you can be sure that these exotic locations are still virtually untouched by man and nature, offering wondrous things to see and plenty to do while youre there.

Know Your Restaurant’s Start Up Cost

The cost of opening your own restaurant business is one very important matter to be dealt with and often the hardest to determine because, to a great extent, it depends on the type of restaurant that you desire to open.

Your restaurant start-up costs are outlined as expenses incurred for the acquisition or creation of your restaurant business. Start-up costs are comprised as any incurred amounts or out-going capital in relation with your restaurant’s activity directed for income generation before your restaurant business starts.

Start-up costs generally include the following expenses:

Potential markets surveys.
Evaluation of available supplies, labor, facilities, etc.
Business equipment and fixtures
Equipment and fixture installation
Decorating and remodeling
Employee uniforms
Salaries for employees undergoing training and their trainers.
Costs of travel for acquiring prospective suppliers, distributors or customers.
Fees and salaries for consultants and executives and other similar services.

Estimating your restaurant business’ start up costs:

It is a wise decision to study your start-up costs estimate with a qualified accountant. 1.Begin by recording then add up your entire restaurant’s equipment which you consider is necessary to begin and manage your restaurant. See the chapter on selecting equipment and furnishings for more help on this. 2.On your list, mark off certain items or equipment that aren’t really necessary and can wait. Restaurant startup costs cannot be overlooked! Get $200,000 US Government Grants for new businesses. Claim your FREE $79 Gov Grant book! Determine what kind of equipment needs to be bought brand new, and what type can be purchased used.

Determine what things may be leased, for the moment.

2. When adding up the physical cost (building or office) of your restaurant, remember to also add in the remodeling costs, decorating costs, fixtures, installation and delivery fees for equipment and fixtures.

3. Include professional fees, utility deposits, permits and licenses.

4. When computing your advertising costs, make sure to add trademarks, logo expenses as well as other graphics to be used.

5. Come up with ways where you may be able to lower some expenses. Call vendors and suppliers and work out certain deals.

6. Estimate that all expenses will be much higher than expected. It is sensible to add about 1-5 percent to your estimate.Guaranteed US Government Grant for USA Citizens at

7. Write your business plan before you come to your final estimate for start up costs. Generally, a business plan functions to reveal more start-up costs that weren’t really thought of. Again, see the chapter on preparing your business plan.

8. Include your restaurant’s first 3-6 months operating investment in your start-up costs. These expenses will usually include employee salaries, advertising, rent, supplies, delivery expenses, utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance, professional services, loan payments, inventory, etc.

Shopping Advice When Traveling To Rome Testaccio Market

There are many great places to experience when in Rome, but one especially cultural place is located in the Testaccio area, where open air markets are all the rage. The Testaccio Market is preferred by locals, because of the great restaurants and cafes available there. A visit here means an avoidance of tourist traps. If you want to immerse yourself in local shopping and dining, the Testaccio Market is the place to be. Testaccio’s restaurants are famous for some very interesting dishes, such as oxtails and tripe. Though perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, the food is fondly enjoyed by the local residents.

Of course, there is much more to the Testaccio dining experience than oxtail and tripe. Once you start walking down Via Marmorata, your nostrils will be tantalized by a wide and strange array of enticing smells. Italians are very generous with their cuisine. Fresh fruits and vegetables line the street and lead you to the restaurants offering local Italian cuisine. Locals shop this street for the freshest ingredients to put in their daily dishes.

Looking for a palatable, yet affordable meal? Testaccio Market is the place to go. The variety of foods and dishes are not only delicious, they are also inexpensive. Try a salami and cheese combination at one of the open vendors, or enjoy your choice of a wide variety of fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, chicory, artichokes and leafy, green lettuce. The fruits are just as fresh and delicious at Testassio market.

The Mastroianni Brothers offer a fantastic selection of fish. The Mastroianni Brothers enjoy claiming the famous Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni as their kin(and they have the pictures to prove it). The fish offerings include the commonly known fish, shellfish, mollusks, and more exotic species. If you enjoy fish, you just might end up spending hours by their stall, checking out the merchandise.

A few hours of shopping can leave you hungry and the nearby Monte Testaccio is a great place to enjoy a lunch of cooked meats, cheese and produce. This unique and “false” mound is composed of broken amphorae that dates back to the ancient times.

Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort To Open On 1st March 2012

Sandos Hotels & Resorts has recently announced the launch of its first ever Cancun property, the new Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, which was formally managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts prior to Sandos taking over.

The 214-room luxury hotel will re-open its doors to guests on 1st March, 2012 and tourists taking Cancun holidays at the newly renovated resort will be able to enjoy all-inclusive offerings, new gourmet restaurants and culinary programmes.

Jacques De Paep, the director of sales and marketing for the Spanish-owned Sandos Hotels & Resorts, commented: “We are thrilled to open the Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, offering a boutique all-inclusive experience unlike anything currently available in Cancun.

“Our extremely high service standards, expansive culinary programme, and Sandos’ commitment to spectacular resort locations is sure to delight couples looking for a luxurious getaway.”

Sandos can now add Cancun hotels to their portfolio which currently includes two resorts in the Riviera Maya, Mexico: Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa and Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & Spa.

During holidays to Cancun, guests staying in one of Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort’s 74 Premium Level suites will be able to enjoy access to private cabanas at the beach and swimming pool; a private concierge service, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The lobby bar was renovated in December, 2011 and diners can choose from four restaurants at the resort that feature a wide selection of Asian, Caribbean and Avant Garde cuisine.

The “Total Gourmet Experience” offers a fantastic all-inclusive programme that visitors can take advantage of throughout their Cancun holidays at the resort. The package includes all meals and beverages (including imported drinks), evening entertainment and a wide choice of exciting activities such as tennis, snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, plus access to the fitness centre and three swimming pools.

Other additional activities are available at an extra charge including lavish spa and beauty treatments, motorised water sports, scuba diving excursions and golf at the nearby Playa Mujeres Golf Club.

The Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort is situated upon a stunning white sand beach, just a short distance from Cancun International Airport and Cancuns tourist attractions, bars, night clubs and shopping areas.

Travellers planning holidays in Cancun from March, 2012 will be able to stay at the luxury all-inclusive Cancun hotel from $383 per night (based on double occupancy).

Invisible Holiday Traditions At Americas Landmark Resort

San Diegos stunningly beautiful Victorian Hotel del Coronado numbers among American historic landmarks. Presidents and royalty have stayed at the Del: and, during the summer and Christmas holidays, families book rooms and meal reservations for years in advance. Eduardo Ramirez, Senior worked at the Hotel del Coronado for more than sixty years, grudgingly retiring from his position as a chef only after his third heart attack made more work physically impossible. Eduardo, Senior worked every Christmas for more than sixty years, preparing sumptuous holiday feats for hundreds of American families while la senora Ramirez made exquisite holiday foods for the family at home.

This year, the tradition persists, but it has evolved. This year, Eduardito, Little Eddie, a full-time student at Harvard, will fly home to take his fathers place in Hotel del Coronados sprawling kitchens. This year, the Ramirez family will dine with the Dels guests, sharing holiday cheer and tidings of great joy. Next year, Little Eddie will attend medical school.

All those years, Eddie says, I resented my father being away from home on Christmas Day. The other kids had their fathers home, and mine had to work. The way I saw it, my father was killing himself to wait on all the rich people. Now, though, I see what has happened because of all mi padres hard work. I feel humbled and very grateful.

Across North America, Europe, and Australia, hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers seize Christmas opportunities to improve their own and their families conditions. Especially in catering and the hospitality industries, as some families travel over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house, many families go to work serving them.

Eddie recites a few staggering statistics about the Hotel del Coronado, implying that they generalize to fine dining facilities around the Christian world. Christmas in hospitality restaurants and catering probably is the equivalent of Black Friday in retail, he says. In our biggest dining room, we have 350 tables; 90% of them will seat twelve people. All of those tables will turn over a dozen times on Christmas Day. That translates to more than 4200 meals. At an average of $75(US) per diner, the Hotel takes-in $315, 000. Computing the decimal points, Eddie shows why he will go to medical school. Servers, therefore, make a cool $50,000 among them.

His breathing issuing through his lips, Eddie concludes, Yeah, I would say its worth it. My education is the proof.

Consuelita Rodriguez, a UCLA undergraduate and a third-generation Del worker, wholeheartedly agrees. Pointing to the skating pond, Christmas carolers in their Victorian garb, and seventy-degree sunshine bathing the Pacific Ocean, Isnt it the best of all worlds? she asks rhetorically. I will bring my family for Christmas, she declares, changing a queen-sized bed in record time. My grandmother and mother did this so that I could have UCLA. I do it, in part, for my daughters yet to come. Pausing a moment, she adds, It just would not be Christmas if I were not here. Holding a healthy bundle of bills, Suela says wistfully, These tips represent my futureand my familys, she emphasizes.

Tour Operators In Delhi

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Top Chinese Imperial Cuisine Restaurants In Beijing

Beijing food is featured by Chinese imperial cuisine. Since Beijing has been the captial for thousands of years, Beijing food is various, but imperial cuisine represent its best. There are many imperial restaurants in beijing, and here are some famous ones.

Na Jia Xiaoguan
It is rare to find a relaxed and cozy atmosphere amid the hustle of central Biejing. Na Jia Xiaoguan is set within an indoor courtyard that is welcoming and warm. Situated in the vicinity of Guo Mao it is centrally located, yet tucked away. Though it may be a bit hard to find, this helps it remain a hidden treasure and popular among locals. The restaurant specialize in Manchu dishes and is specifically known for their outstanding huang tanzi, a thick slow cooked soup.

Li Jia Cai Restaurant
Imperial official cuisine is a known specialty of Beijing, and there is no better place to get a taste of this authentic cusine than Li Jia Cai Restaurant. Hidden in a hutong, this venue serves imperial cusine in a cultural atmosphere. The family restaurant uses recipes that were smuggled out of the Empress’ kitchen and are prepared in the same way today. A set-menu is served to create a truely historical experience.

Lai Jin Yu Xuan
Located inside Zhongshan Park, and first built in 1915, this restaurant is a Chinese legacy. Standing within a beautiful and quiet environment, the two-story restaurant sits beside a small pond amid willow and peach trees. Ancient interior design and elegant dishes give a authentic atmosphere to Lai Jin Yu Xuan. After your meal, you may take a stroll around the park to the nearby teahouse with the same name, where you can enjoy a cup of tea in the courtyard.

Fangshan Restaurant
“Fangshan” literally translates to “imitate the imperial court cuisine.” Located in Beihai Park, once an imperial garden, Beijing Fangshan Restaurant offers luxurious Imperial Court Cuisine. It was opened in 1925 by imperial chefs of the former Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The restaurant caused a great sensation at that time and is just as popular today.

Traveling To Kuala Lumpur – An Introduction On The Vibrant Capital City Of Malaysia

Wherever I travel to a whole new city, I favor to walk close to by myself rather than be part of tour or taxi. By walking approximately, I capable of encounter the local life-style. I able to take a look at the neighborhood wet and dry market place, the native restaurants and and so on.

Kuala Lumpur will not be a big spread city whereby truly you might expose to the native culture. Because of my China companion, Tony And I took the courage to walk him as a result of the KL city beneath the sizzling sun

We started out from Tonys guest house (Sahabat Visitor Residence), we ended up heading for our breakfast (Roti Canai, Indian pancake) nearby the visitor home at Tengkat Tong Shin. We started off our walking journey from there soon after our breakfast. We bypassed most hotel in KL – Swiss Garden Hotel, Pudu Raya bus station and Ancasa Hotel,though heading to Petaling road (China city).

China town (Petaling Street) would be the avenue whereby the gather area for company in earlier Chinese arrival from China one hundred a long time back. Now the street is total of retailers, restaurants and hawker stalls, beside this. There are couple of locations you should while walking round in Petaling avenue, Chan association temple, Sze Ya temple and Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. We spent our lunch with the previous Chinese restaurant, we ordered nyoya nasi lemak and fried rice. Sad to see none of the workers are Malaysian.

We continued our journey to Central Market place for nearby handicraft and Merdeka Square, in in between you are going to see the oldest Muslim mosque Masjid Jamek. It’s possible you’ll visit our heritage railway station which can be behind the Merdeka Square. Soon after this we bypassed to visit Masjid India and Chow Kit area to glimpse our pre-war buildings. At this hour underneath scorching sun, my buddy Tony couldnt take the climate and we took a break, went into KFC for cool drinks.

We took the monorail from Chow Kit back again to KLCC area, we stopped at Bukit Nenas station. We walked in direction of to KLCC path (Jalan Ampang), meanwhile you visit the Tourism Malaysia Centre at your proper hand part. We bypassed Hotel Maya at your left earlier than we reached to your junction of KLCC.

You may take a look at Aquaria KLCC, Petrosains centre and famous Twin Towers Skybridge, beside crazy buying. Admission for Twin Towers skybridge is free, on 1st arrive initial served basis. You have to square for tickets earlier than 10am everyday. We skipped these 2 sites for buying, because cosmetics and fragrance merchandise listed below are significantly less costly compared in China, virtually 50% away from.

We walked by way of the KLCC park towards Towards the Heritage at Jalan stonor and Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex at Jalan Conlay. These a couple of locations are nearby. It’s possible you’ll appear again if you might be staying nearby. By the time we completed our KL strolling tour. It was at 6pm, we cross the highway to your city newest luxury mall Pavilion.

You will find lots of good hotels in Kuala Lumpur, ranging from budget to 5 star hotel category. Make sure you choose the correct Kuala Lumpur KLCC hotel inside your next trip !

Helicopter Tour Kona Is Incomplete Without Proper Planning

Helicopter tour Kona can be successful only when you are good in planning and comparing rates.

Kona being the well known island in Hawaii, you need to plan your tour aptly in order to enjoy your vacation. A helicopter ride would be the best choice for sight seeing of the place in an efficient manner. Hawaii is the place surrounded by island and natural beauty which is worth praising for long hours. Once if you view the natural ambiance around Hawaii, it would be difficult to eliminate its memory for a lifetime. Your heart will demand to visit the place again and again. Helicopter tour Kona can help you to explore every corner of the island and nowadays people are opting for plane tour in order to enjoy the ride with entire family.

Helicopter tour Kona is incomplete without:


You can plan your stay in Hawaii but before planning you need to know that this place is bit of expensive. If you want to experience affordable as well as comfortable stay then it is advisable to go online. You can find list of tour operators that can plan plane or helicopter tours for you in a convenient manner. Advance booking for tickets can help you to avail window seat during helicopter tour Kona.

Looking Online

If you go online and search for company organizing such tours then huge list will be there right in front of you. Select the company that can render you with proper space even when you opt for plane ride. Window seat is very much essential when you opt for helicopter tour Kona and if you are not able to get it then it can become difficult to explore the beauty wholeheartedly. Whatever, mode of transportation you select then be it helicopter or plane ensure that you get window seat and appropriate tour guide with you. Tour guide with you can assist you in knowing details of island and its history. They will allow you to explore the entire island in just 60 minutes or so.

Compare rates

Do not just stick to single tour operator and get all your bookings done. Your aim should be to spend quality time with your family or loved ones in budgeted manner. This is possible only when you check out the rates offered by different tour operators. Comparing rates is the best way to get an affordable ride of helicopter tour Kona. Apart from going online you can also consider visiting local tour operator and bargain with the rates offered by them.

Pelican Hills Resort Brand New Vacation Condos

Pelican Hills St. George – It’s a Southern Utah luxury resort, just as you pictured it – blue skies, towering palm trees and a landscape exploding with color. And it’s all here at the lush 44-acre vacation resort of Pelican Hills Resort in Green Valley Saint George. It is recognized as a recreational haven by guests and locals alike, and is the perfect escape to either relax or plan an exciting Utah vacation adventure. Watch a Broadway musical at the famous Tuacahn Amphitheater or play a round of golf on one the eleven beautiful St. George golf courses. Its all available at the Pelican Hills Resort St. George.

Points of Attraction at Pelican Hills Resort:

-Brand New 2 Bedroom condominiums
-Heated Pools
– Hot Tub
– Exercise Room
– Theater
– Tennis Court
– Basketball Court
– Volleyball
– Private Garage
– Hi-Definition LCD TV

Location :
Pelican Hills Resort is located within minutes from the St. George Boulevard and just a short drive from the world-famous Zion National Park making it the perfect selection to host a Utah family vacation.

Maintenance :
All Units are fully furnished, extremely clean and well kept. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee as to the cleanliness of our condos.

Condominium & Resort Amenities:
Each condo unit is equipped with a large kitchen, living room, walk-in closet, furniture, LCD TV, DVD player, etc. All kitchens have utensils and cookware. There is also a laundry room in each unit for your convenience.

Nearby Attractions :
One of the greatest things about Southern Utah is the number of State & National Parks nearby such as Zions National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park as well as a number of local State parks. There are numerous golf courses and spas.