The Status of Property in Spain

Since the start of 2012 the property market in Spain has seen a slight improvement and the future is looking good.With property prices now at over 50% off the price they were a year ago you can pickup a bargain for a investment period of around 5 to 10 years could see it double or triple back to what is was a year ago or more.With employment suffering in Spain the current situation is not looking that great, but Spain will recover and when it does you will find yourself owning your place in paradise with over 50% off.Spain Property is sort after by many investors from many countries and with the flux in more countries in Asia join to investors you will see a massive increase for the best located properties.At cheap property spain we are specialists at finding these types of properties sitting empty sometimes in the banks possession which are fully ready to move into or let out to potential holiday makers.Now not only do we find these properties but they can be freely advertised on World Holiday Rentals. I think that this offers a great return on investment and is one of the safest investment in this rocky period throughout Europe and America.I am a web developer with affiliation with property sales and holiday rentals and I offer these for free as want to try and bring the economy back and help investors try to turn their investment into a regular income without the hassle of having to deal with holiday guests.Banks in Spain have so many properties for sale that have defaulted on their mortgages they are trying to recoup some of the money by selling these at over 50% off.If you do not have the capital to invest in property then I also myself invest with a minimum of 50$ in the forex market which is riskier than property investment but you can also make great returns with little money.The forex market is complex when comes to finding the broker to choose that is:
Offers a good spread (max of 2pips on the major currency pairs)
Fast Trades
Rapid withdrawals
If the broker does not meet this then you should not consider investing with them as from my experience with some brokers has not been good.Meta Trader 4 is the most used client for PC but is not ideal to use on a Mac so if you want a forex interface that you can use anywhere and a simple interface I use eToro.Links are available to all 3 of my investment, holiday rental and property websites so check them out and feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.