A Career In Outdoor Recreation

There are many jobs out there that are in the great outdoors. Jobs of this nature are ideal for people that love working with their hands and being in the outdoors. Do you cringe at the thought of working day after day in a small office cubicle? If so, then a job in the recreation industry might be right up your alley.

1. Different types of jobs in the great outdoors

There are many outdoor jobs to choose from, so be sure you choose wisely. Once you have the job that you want in mind, you can start looking into what you need to do to obtain your dream job. You can look into working at recreation parks, Wilderness Park, ski slopes, swimming pools and even lakes. It depends on what you are looking for and the type of outdoor work you have interests and skills in.

2. Working all year long outdoors

There are many parks and recreation places that are only open half of the year. Some of these places are only open during the summer months. If this is what you want to do, then you can expect to be laid off during the off months. If you do not care what season you are outdoors and you love all temperatures, then you can work at the recreation places that have adventures in both the winter and summer months.

3. Dressing for the job

If you are working in a recreation job outdoors, then you must make sure that you are prepared for the weather. If you are someone that prefers to work in the hot weather, then you must make sure that you wear light clothing and lots of sun block. If you are someone that likes to work in the winter months, then you must think about clothes that keep you warm and toasty as you are outside in the weather. You will love your outdoor job even more if you are prepared.

4. Playing sports for a living

If you are good at a sport, then you may have the opportunity to become a professional player and make money doing what you love. This is a great way to play the sport of your choice and make a good living doing it. Of course making good money will depend on how good at the game you are and how much effort you put into it.

5. Being a coach for recreational sports

Coaching is a fun and rewarding career especially for people that love to work with children and young atheletes. This might be your chance to pursue a job that involves your favorite sport. If you already work a full time job in another field, then you can become a coach in your spare time. There are plenty of sporting activities that need volunteers in most communities. Give back to the community and make a difference!

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