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How to Find Online Coupons for Highway Hotels

Online coupons are a great way to enjoy hotel discounts in highway 16 hotels while out on personal or business travel. Besides good savings, you can also make use of various facilities such as free food at restaurant and price offs on local tourist attractions.

Online coupons can be offered as printable coupons, product codes, links that need activation or codes received on your mobile device for redemption at the point of purchase. Many websites offer printable coupons or coupon codes that can be used to save on hotel rates.

Coupons are an effective sales tool

Coupons are discount tickets that you can exchange for a rebate on the cost of services. This is a great marketing strategy for hotels. Some hotels solicit enquiries through advertisements in the print media, in newspaper and magazines while others use local media such as television and radio. They offer a coupon code to those who visit their websites and respond to a simple call to action such as asking for information, referring friends or signing up for updates and engaging with them on social media.

Online coupons are mutually beneficial to the highway 16 hotel as well as the customer. The hotel can attract more business while the customer gets discounted travel and lodging services. This is especially significant in todays highly competitive market and the budget conscious traveler. While some hotels prefer to redeem coupons during the off-season, others accommodate them throughout the year. Guests are encouraged to reconfirm to ensure accommodation is available. Most of these hotels offer a toll-free phone number to enable online reservations.

Where can you find online coupons for highway 16 hotels?

Since boarding and lodging are two major expenses involved in business or personal travel, it makes sense to look for online coupons. The most popular sources for online coupons for highway hotels are via the internet, travel guides and travel clubs and newspapers and other local media.
Online reservations can be made through these websites using the relevant forms. Most travel agents websites advertise discounts, coupon codes and savings that can be used while booking online. This saves a lot of time and money.
Travel guides are available in airport shops. These contain information about places of interest in the city, attractions to see, restaurants and hotels. These guides also carry coupons that can be redeemed online.
Travel clubs offer their members online coupon codes that can be received as a text message on the mobile device, which can then be redeemed for discount offers at the hotel at the time of booking. At the time of booking, it is important to find out the exact details of what the coupon is eligible for. While some coupons offer extra services, some come with a cash benefit.

Although coupons are offered by most businesses these days to attract online and offline traffic to boost sales, online coupons for hotel discounts are among the most popular. A quick web search will bring up several sites that offer online coupons for highway 16 hotel stays.

Hotels in China Abundant Choices of Accommodation for Every Taste and Budget

China is a destination that never ceases to fascinate its numerous visitors who are looking for uniquely different experiences. The Oriental charm, vibrant nightlife, interesting folklore, awe-inspiring architecture and yummy gourmet selections are just some of the reasons why many visitors find the “Middle Kingdom” such an alluring place.

The memorable experiences of these visitors are also in no small part attributable to the rapidly-improving hotel industry in the country that constantly seeks to reinvent itself to meet the high standards expected by their guests. In this country, you can expect to find a plethora of clean and safe accommodation options including luxury hotels, inns and guesthouses that suits every budget and taste, regardless of which town or city you visit.

Whichever price category your accommodation fits in, you can expect only the very best in Asian warmth and hospitality during your stay in hotels in China.

From budget to luxury a huge choice of accommodation options at your disposal

The accommodation options in China are as diverse as the country itself, but they have one goal in common to provide a comfortable and pleasant stay to all guests regardless of their star rating. If you are on a shoestring budget, the one- to two-star hotels will not disappoint in providing a relaxing place for you to rest in between your travels. The two-star hotels even have barber shops and stores on site.

In many large cities, the budget hotel chains even go one step further in providing a host of in-room amenities, such as free Internet connectivity and plugs that come with universal adapters that are useful for business executives or tech-savvy travelers. Hence, you may be surprised by what these budget hotels offer that would allow them to stay ahead of their competition by being more in touch with their guests needs.

What about the hotels that are rated three-star and above? In China, the good news is these hotels are comparable in standards and offerings to what you can expect in the West. Concierge services, on-site health, business and conference facilities, bars and a range of restaurants catering to both Western and Chinese palettes you name it, they have it.

Abundance in English-speaking hotel staff

Being a country that is eager to accommodate non-Chinese-speaking foreign visitors, you will be amazed at the quickly-improving command of the language by the staff of many of the hotels. This is especially so with 5 star hotels where the staff are mostly competent in the language, while the cheaper hotels at least have front desk personnel who are able to understand your request and queries, and communicate with you in basic English. However, to be on the safe side, a Chinese phrasebook might be useful to bring along just in case you might need it.

Drinking water in your hotel rooms

Before you turn on your bathroom tap to drink, do be aware that it is generally not advisable to drink tap water in the hotel. You need not worry though, as you are likely to find hot water flasks or electrical boilers at your disposal in your room. You may also want to consider purchasing cheap bottled mineral water, some of which may be provided free of charge in your hotel room.

Some other helpful information

Do note that showing a photo ID, such as your passport, is required when checking into your hotels. Worried about getting lost while wandering outside your hotel? Do not fear, as your hotel room card would contain all the information that is needed to ask for directions and guide you back to your hotel. Hence do remember to bring it with you wherever you go.

Luxury Hotels Prague – Luxury Travel Prague

Luxury Hotels Prague

There have been many guides written to Luxury Hotels Prague that detail the merits of individual hotels in the city but we want to deal with just the best areas and to stay within Prague and name just a couple of unbeatable value 5 star hotels.

A luxury hotel means different things to different people. Some people consider luxury as a matter of aesthetics, a beautiful staircase, a Rococo piece of furniture, and high ceilings with wooden beams or even make their hotel choice based on the feng shui qualities of the room. Luxury to other people means not having to lift a finger, a hotel with a wonderful concierge, 24 hour room service and a bell-hop. Others consider luxury as pampering, this group would value a heated indoor pool, perhaps a spa and massage services.

Prague offers hotels that cater to everyone; some hotels in Prague even offer facilities to suit the needs of all the above. Once you have decided what qualities in a luxury hotel are important to you, you must then decide in what area of Prague you wish to base yourself.

Once more, this question can only be answered by the individual travelers. Those wishing to stay in the thick of it, near Wenceslas Square and the main shopping district will want to base themselves in the Stare Mesto. There are hundreds of hotels here, but only around 10 of these would be considered luxury hotels. The luxury hotels of the Stare Mesto are also the most expensive and whilst it is still possible to stay here for far less than the Spanish Steps in Rome for example, there are great savings to be made by staying within a 10-20 minute walk of the Stare Mesto.

If you’re a person who visits Europe mainly to explore the history and architecture then two of the cities district will appeal to you; namely Josefov and Mala Strana. These are also home to several of the most upmarket, boutique style hotels. Josefov, with its famous shopping street Pariszka is by far the most expensive option. Those wishing to go central, historic and five star should choose the gorgeous Mala Strana district. Depending on the time of year, five star hotels in Mala Strana can be found for under 80 a night (the Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague).

Luxury Restaurants Prague

Finding a restaurant in Prague is as easy as standing outside your hotel and taking 10 steps in any direction. Every street in Prague seems to be bursting with eateries offering as much pork knuckle as you can eat (and if you like that, the best of these is Kolkovna in Josefov). However, if your tastes are more refined and you do not enjoy the Czech cuisine the best spot in town, with the best views, is atop Petrin Hill in the fabulous Nebozizek restaurant. Even though this is one of the best restaurants in town, it is still around the same price as eating at the Strada chain in London.

The ultimate Czech eating experience though is Le Degustation, offering modern fusion cuisine as Western Europe means traditional Czech cooking. Here you can feast on seven courses of traditional Czech food along with wine matches also from Bohemia. Although not the cheapest dining option in Prague, La Degustation provides a culinary experience you will never forget!

Luxury Nightclubs Prague

If your name’s not down… it doesn’t really matter. It is very easy to boogie on down with the rich and famous of Czech society. The Duplex Bar on Wenceslas Square is one of Prague’s most exclusive spots where beer and wine are still far cheaper than a night in London. The Duplex spins with the Czech Republics best DJs.

If you prefer a night of culture there are wonderful events held every week at the Czech Opera House at the end of Wenceslas Square and the Prague National Theatre. Tickets to see the Czech Philharmonic and operatic masterpieces such as Tosca and La Boheme go for as little as 10 each. Prague has a renowned classical tradition with 3 of the best classical composers to ever reach for a piano or violin coming from this tiny country those being Smetana, Janacek and the infamous Dvorak.

The prices in Prague are far from static. We have noticed a 20% increase in prices from 2010 to 2011 so if you want to experience a luxury trip to Prague we recommend you go ASAP before the Eurozone as we know it changes beyond compare!

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Claiming Compensation For Hotel Accidents

In the Summer months hotels, guest houses and B&B’s in the UK are full of both domestic and foreign holidaymakers exploring British towns and countryside. For such establishments these months are the most busy and most profitable of the year, and the seasonal workforce increases accordingly.

In an industry focussed on providing a range of services to customers, inevitably accidents and injuries will occur. In larger hotels, health and safety procedures are likely to be more strictly enforced than in a small countryside B&Bs. However, the range of services they offer guests is generally wider, including leisure facilities and greater choices for eating and drinking. Higher visitor numbers, more services on offer and a temporary workforce increases the risk of accidents to both guests and employees.

In a smaller guest house or B&B on the other hand, safety standards will depend entirely on the proprietors. Such establishments are likely to be less well maintained than their larger rivals and will not necessarily have been designed with the safety of guests foremost in mind. All hotels, guest houses and B&Bs of whatever size must hold public liability insurance to compensate those injured due to the establishment’s negligence. They must also hold employer’s liability insurance to deal with claims of behalf of injured members of staff. British holidaymakers may also claim for injuries sustained in hotels abroad if the stay was part of a package deal or if the hotel is British-owned.

The Health & Safety Executive reports that slips and trips and manual handling accidents are the major causes of injuries to hotel employees, representing roughly 65% of the total. Slips, trips and falls are also the number one cause of injuries to hotel guests. Such accidents may take place in a hotel bathroom if a floor is slippery and/or if handrails are not installed. Hotel lobbies and passages may be left wet and hazardous if they have been recently cleaned and not cordoned off by staff. Stairs and balconies may also lack banisters or safety railing, causing visitors to fall down or off them.

Stairways may be poorly lit, or carpets may be damaged or frayed, resulting in trips and falls. Such accidents can be particularly serious if a person falls onto a hard surface such as a table edge, or down a flight of stairs. Hotel car parks and grounds may also contain hazards such as uneven surfaces, pot holes and missing drain covers.

The list of other possible accidents that may occur in a hotel, guest house or B&B is almost endless. Visitors may be electrocuted by appliances, poisoned by food served from the kitchen, or scaled by hot food or beverages spilled onto them by staff or fellow guests. Larger establishments with swimming pools and sports facilities will need to take precautions against specific hazards which may cause accidents.

Accidents and injuries at hotels, guest houses and B&Bs are common in the UK. Our solicitors have extensive experience with hotel accident compensation claims on behalf of both customers and employees. We operate on a no win no fee basis meaning if you win your case you keep all of the damages awarded, and if you lose you will not pay a penny.

Best Shimla Hotels For New Year Party

Looking for some real European-style white Christmas and New Year? Then head to Shimla, the onetime summer capital of the country and one of the famous hill stations of North India.

Shimla sometimes pronounced as Simla is the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a height of 2000metres above sea level. It was the summer capital of India during the erstwhile British Raj and during the sultry Indian summers, the whole Government moved to the picturesque hills of Shimla. The British had developed this town significantly and their influence can be still seen in the numerous colonial structures strewn all around the city. The city can be reached from all the major cities of the country by roads, railways and airways. The nearest airport is at Jubbarhatti 12kms away and it caters to domestic flights only. The railway line from Kalka to Shimla is a scenic route and the train journey is highly recommended by travelers as a once in a lifetime journey. Shimla is nestled in the mighty Himalayas and therefore enjoys pleasant summers and cold winters. Though it is primarily a summer destination but the winter celebrations and new years in Shimla are rapidly gaining a popular reputation. The winters can be quite cold with snow fall and minus degree temperatures but that doesn”t deter revelers. Visitors can enjoy a white new years in Shimla complete with celebrations and snowfall. A much sought after destination in Shimla during winters is Kufri that is situated on the outskirts. Children can enjoy on the snow, join in a no holds barred snow fight or enjoy ice skating on Asia”s only natural ice skating rink. Couples can take a trip on horseback over the snow and enjoy the peace and quiet on a snow trail. You can go shopping on the Mall that is the main shopping street and you can look for handicrafts at Lakkar Bazar. The Tibetan Market is a good place to shop for good quality woolen garments and other items. After the day is done you can sit down and enjoy a cup of steaming hot tea at any of the cafes in the Mall.

Quality Hotels in Shimla

Hotel Shingar is among the best 2 star hotels in Shimla and is located near the Mall road. It enjoys a customer recommendation of 80% which means 8 out of 10 would love a second visit and that makes it one of the popular Shimla hotels. It offers well furnished rooms that have an attached bath room and running hot water. It also provides a multi cuisine restaurant, 24hr room service and a travel desk. The rooms cost Rs.2778.

Hotel Sangeet is one of the popular budget hotels in Shimla that enjoys wide recommendation among guests. Located near the Mall road, it has received a customer recommendation of 77% which means 8 out of 10 people would like to try out this place again. It provides well furnished and well equipped rooms that cost Rs.1000.

Finding Hotels in San Francisco Introduction to the Citys Diverse Accommodation

San Francisco is a destination that offers a diverse and fascinating experience to the millions of visitors who set foot in this city every year. Its old world charm, combined with its modern-day exuberance is what truly sets it apart from other destinations. From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the state-of-the-art Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco has something for everyone, whether you are a tourist or business traveler.

If you are planning a visit to this exciting city and are searching for a suitable hotel to best suit your expectations, you will soon discover that you will be spoilt for choice from the numerous options available. Thus, you can read on to find out what you need to know about hotels in San Francisco and what to expect when staying in different parts of the downtown area.

Staying in San Francisco a diverse range of accommodation choices

San Francisco is home to the most diverse array of accommodation that you can imagine, offering many choices to guests seeking to experience the familiar or something rather different. Some hotels, such as boutique hotels and budget guesthouses, sport Victorian-style faades which create a historic, charming atmosphere for guests, while the more contemporary hotel buildings blend in with the modern skyline of the city. No matter what your budget is, you are bound to find lodging, whether rustic or modern in design, for any price range. For instance, accommodation with Victorian architecture can either take the form of simple bed or breakfasts, or the grandest historic buildings which have been lovingly restored.

If you are looking for high-end accommodation, you can expect 5-star hotels with great locations near the city centre in hotspots such as Union Square as well as the most spacious rooms and suites and finest personalized services such as in-room spa services.

On the other hand, you will also not be disappointed if you opt for more modest accommodation as the bed and breakfasts are also cozy and comfortable, but are situated further away from the city centre in less central areas such as Golden Gate Park. Hotels in the city generally charge an additional room tax of 14%, so be prepared to pay for it when you check out.

Where to stay when in San Francisco

In San Francisco, many of the popular tourist spots, as well as the main business and cultural areas are located in the downtown area within a short distance from each other. Hence, when visiting town, it is often advisable to stay near these central areas such as Union Square and Fishermans Wharf, instead of the more remote outskirts.

This is because although it may be easier to get cheaper accommodation in the outskirts, the high traffic which you may encounter when getting to town and the lack of parking spots once you are there may not be worth saving that extra money. Other than that, the hotels parking fees are rather high, thus renting a car to drive within the city is generally not encouraged either.

Top 10 Things For Hotel Room Reverse Auction Bidding.

If you are new to the world of hotel reverse auctions/ bidding, you must do some research before bid on hotel rooms and travel services. New online bidders can be paying much more for an item than is necessary. Here are some things that you should look for:

1. Type of Auction:

Is it a Dutch, English, Sealed-Bid or Vickrey Auction? Most online hotel auctions are the Dutch-style, which means the auctioneer asks a certain price as a minimum (called a reserve) and the bidders keep bidding until time is up. The person who has out-bid the others wins and then must pay for the item.

Other types of auctions include business to consumer or
consumer-to-consumer. eBay is the consumer-to-consumer model where almost anyone can sell their wares and anyone can bid on the item or service. All though is a business to consumer auction site for hotel room, where there are trusted Indian hotel chains who sell their vacant hotel rooms by reverse auction process.

2. No Reserve Bids:

This means there is no minimum amount you must bid before the auction will send you the item. This is a great way to save money and get great items generally, there is no catch. Check the details before bidding. is also using the same pattern for hotel rooms.

3. Packing & Shipping Costs:

Always, and I cannot stress this enough, always check to see how much the shipping charges are before you bid! There are many examples of people having the winning bid on an item and then realizing the shipping fee is more than the cost of the item.

4. Spending:

Always know the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend for your hotel room or travel services. Also, do your research to find the fair market value of the room in a particular hotel.

5. Questions & Contact Info:

A reputable auction site or hotel room seller like will have easy to find contact details to answer all of your questions. If you find no contact information, do not bid on anything. Chances are if you want to cancel / amend it or if the item is not as promised, there will be no one to contact then either.

6. Fair Value

When you are participating in a reverse auction hotel process of any hotel always gets an idea about the fair value of the room cost in that hotel. You can get the same from the travel Meta search engine sites like They will give you an idea that which other online travel sites is selling room in a hotel and at what minimum cost.

7. Reverse Auction Newsletters:

You should sign-up for online auction newsletters, like one is available for the registered user of http:// especially if you are not a regular visitor to this hotel bidding site.

8. Sniping:

It has happened to all of us. No one has outbid you on the item you want. Your bid has been the top bid for about a week. You check your bid moments before and when you turn away from the computer for one second a sniper comes in and outbids you and wins. Who is to blame? You are, in most cases. A sniper can be bidding on his own or can use automated bidding tools to outbid you. There is nothing illegal about it.

9. Bigger is Not Necessarily Better:

Its not always better to bid big for the hotel rooms. Because when you place a bid for hotel rooms on site like you are practically buying the vacant rooms and you can have a great chance of bidding the bid even at the 50% cost.

10. Oopsoh my God !

In the world of online hotel room reverse auctions, or any other auctions for that matter, a bid is a bid, and it is like taking your finger off a checker. You made your move and now you must live with it. If you must renege, you will be considered a bad person, regardless of the issue. This is because you have driven up the cost of the item for other buyers, you have promised the vendor that you will buy and now you have just gone back on your word. What do you expect? Only, only, only retract your bid when absolutely necessary. Thin09k before you bid for hotel room or any other travel services.

Following these basic rules will help you in the online reverse
auction world. These are not the only things you should know, just the basics. Spend some time watching the auction before bidding and see how it works. Happy Bidding!

How To Measure Hotel Security Performance

Hotel industry is a very competitive one. One high season comes hotel owners begin real wars to win loyalty of customers. Indeed, there is a wide choice of hotels in any country. Customers are free to choose hotels according to their preferences and budgets. Sure, everyone wants to get the most value for his or her money. Every minor detail matters in the hotel. Security measures are of exceptional importance since when visitors miss their personal things they will never come to that hotel again. Moreover, if such a theft becomes public the hotel reputation will most certainly suffer. For this reason, evaluation of security measures in the hotel is as importance as measurement of its business performance. Top security is an inseparable part of the hotel top rate service. These days, hotel owners and managers use the most popular performance evaluation tool which is known as Balanced Scorecard. Having developed strategic goals and chosen a set of key performance indicators, hotel managers can evalua
te current performance as well as locate problems.

Hotel security is provided through various services, from surveillance and installment of cameras to regular checkups of corridors, lobbies and other rooms and areas. Without proper evaluation it is very difficult to say whether or not hotel security measures are efficient. Of course, one can use statistic information such as theft or incidents rates. However, these figures information on what has already happened. It is impossible to plan ahead without having figures on current performance of Security Service.

Thus, in order to get such information as set of relevant key performance indicators has to be developed. To begin with, it needs mentioning that key performance indicators are not just numbers. KPIs represent critical success factors for various aspects of running business, hotel security in our case. Thus, top managers and those responsible for implementation of Balanced Scorecard in a hotel should consider the most important factors that directly influence top performance of a hotel in terms of security. At that, the hotel should take care of safety of both visitors, own personnel, and protection of hotel property.

Key performance indicators used to measure security performance have to be understood for ordinary security officers. If security guards do not understand the purpose of using Balanced Scorecard and key performance indicators they are likely to offer fake figures just to fulfill the tasks. Key performance indicators have to be measurable. For example it is reasonable to measure such indicator as percentage of time corridors and lobbies are not checked by security guards. Logically, the more often security officers checked up rooms and lobbies, the less probable incidents are. Two other relevant key performance indicators for hotel security we can refer number of checkups performed outside, percentage of time that security guards are not working or unable to prevent accidents, number of security officers per storey etc.

Enjoy Stays At Wine Country Hotels

If you are ready for a getaway involving good wine, good food, a lovely scenery and relaxation, take a look at what wine country hotels have to offer you. The stress of your everyday life may have you feeling stressed, and it may be time for you to take a much-deserved break. Fine wine, a massage, and some adventures in the beautiful countryside will help you recharge your batteries and leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.

Booking a stay at one of the many wine country hotels across the nation offers the perfect escape from your everyday routine. This will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a vacation in an idyllic setting. Look to establishments that offer indoor swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. To satisfy your enjoyment of the outdoors, choose a place that has acres of nature paths and gardens.

After an enjoyable and busy day of wandering through the grounds and learning about the process used to make the featured beverage, spending time in the spa and the gardens will put you in a happy and peaceful state of mind. To eliminate the stress that you are carrying with you, opt for couples’ time in the spa. Many wine country hotels feature a treatment known as “Pinot Therapy.” This is a botanical therapy that uses a combination of grape seeds and wine. This treatment is good for the skin and will leave you feeling full of energy.

In such a lovely location, you are likely to have fine dining on your mind as well. These resorts are first class, but also offer a casual elegant environment for those who choose to dine there. Formal wear such as tuxedos and gowns are not required, but dressing up as opposed to dressing down is encouraged. There will be a full bar and some even feature a table where you can watch the culinary staff prepare the meals.

Whether you are in the mood for oysters or a shrimp cocktail for appetizers, you can enjoy whatever appeals to your palate. From salmon caught in the nearby ocean to a hearty steak, you’ll be able to find an entree that satisfies your taste buds. Pairing your meal with a wine from the region will round out your experience.

Staying in such a beautiful location of rolling hills and lush countryside is the perfect getaway. Find a resort that suits your lifestyle and book your stay today!

Hotels Near Delhi Airport

In the past there were hardly any decent hotels near Delhi Airport. However things have definitely changed with renovation work at the Delhi airport and also due to the new terminal T3. Most of the hotels are under construction and will be available to travelers from 2012 onwards. There are several hotels near Delhi Domestic airport. There are many hotels that are situated near the national highway in the Mahipalpur area.

There is also a transit hotel near the new terminal T3 at Delhi Airport. It offers services to both domestic and international passengers. This hotel has all the modern facilities that helps the traveler to relax .Delhi attracts thousands of travelers everyday as it is trade hub. It is rapidly developing as a commercial center .Apart from business the city also attracts travelers throughout the country and world as it has several historical places of interest. The best part about hotels Delhi airport that depending on the budget of the traveler any kind of hotel can be available. Delhi hotel booking has also become very easier with their several agents throughout the country. The best part is most of the hotels can also be booked online.

Many international tourists prefer to stay at hotels near Delhi International airport as will save the cost of traveling to the airport. Staying at a hotel near the airport will save them a lot of time, energy and money of traveling to the airport.

Many tourists often look for budget hotels during their stay at Delhi. Paharganj in Delhi is famous for budget hotels. The area is quite popular with tourists for its budget accommodations. Moreover the greatest advantage is that the place is situated very near to the national and international airports. Most of the budget hotels have all the modern amenities and are quite comfortable for staying for budget travelers. The hotels of Paharganj are also famous to tourists from abroad as they are always featured in travel or guide books for travelers. There are many MNCs and top notch companies are located here which leads to a lot of business traveling. Most of the executive prefer staying near the airport so that they can save time on traveling. Most of the hotels travel desk has car rental services which one can always contact to go out for sightseeing to historical places. Therefore the advantage of staying close to the airport is that one can save time in traveling that can be used for sightseeing.