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Recipe for Success Your Restaurant’s Business Plan

Like any eager chef or businessperson with a nose for great food, you’re surely excited to get working on your restaurant, and to satisfy palates all over town. Of course, there will be bills to pay, papers to sign, a few accountants needed to keep everything in order – and, oh yes, the business plan.

You can write a killer restaurant business plan as long as you remember your goals, and what will make your restaurant special. To get started, take note of the following business plan recipe.

The Icing on the Cake – Most business people don’t have time to read a complete business plan, so they settle for the cover letter and executive summary. Make a polite, terse, but exciting cover letter; and make the summary stand out by writing it as concisely, and in as excited – but not childish – a tone as possible.

The Base – Otherwise known as the description of your company, describe your restaurant by outlining its mission and vision.

Combine All Ingredients – It’s time to describe your restaurant! What will you serve? Who are you catering to? How are you going to market your restaurant and sustain it? What is your price range? Will you be having sales? Specials? Combos?

Mix Well – Describe your operational procedure, how your restaurant will be managed, and how its team is organized. Your restaurant will most likely have a hierarchy of authority, so outline this completely. Remember, a business plan isn’t only for analysts or investors – it’s for you to keep your restaurant up and running, to remind everyone who is in charge of what, and to remind everyone who’s boss at any one time. Your business plan is your reference material if anything goes wrong.

Bake in a Preheated Oven – Have someone analyze the current restaurant industry. Describe your competition. This industry analysis part of the business plan is your chance to show how different your restaurant is from all the rest.

Remove from Heat – Here’s the “Just in Case Part.” How do you intend to develop your restaurant in the long term? What are your projections for the next year, two years, five years, and so on? How much will your restaurant be earning? Will it lose anything? What is your exit plan, just in case things go wrong, money goes down, stocks lose their value, and you need to pay your employees?

Whip up that letter, cook up that business plan, and follow the recipe for the perfect start to your business. Serve that business plan cool, and you’ll be serving all the town in no time.

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Why I Do Not Sell Restaurant Booths (or Chairs) For Homes

There is a huge difference between the furniture that we find at a restaurant and a home. It is nothing but the furniture need that makes both of them different to each other in terms of size, type, design, style, utility, etc. Furniture makers craft restaurant booths (or chairs) for commercial purposes whereas the furniture that makes your home look splendid is crafted for domestic purposes. This difference also gives birth to bulk manufacturing at wholesale prices and specially ordered manufacturing at retail prices.

As a manufacturer of restaurant booths, we like to work in volume. For instance, a whole restaurant at a time may have 10-20 booths. These booths are all custom, done by hand and packed onto custom pallets and boxes for shipping. They are also priced according to low price and high volume. What bugs us the most is when a residential customer calls in and wants booths for his/her homeand they want it at the wholesale price. We dont make any money selling 1 or 2, or even 4 booths. To do so, with the factor of labor involved, material ordering time, customization and measuring, there is little margin left. In order to make sense, the items would be priced at double the wholesale price we charge of $190.

Availing restaurant booths for home at wholesale price is not possible owning to the low volume of furniture demanded by households. Our suggestion is to find a local upholsterer (theres some in every city) and ask them to do it. The same concept goes for restaurant chairs, at 4 chairs per order, our labor just for packing the material is more than the margin. Most consumers do not realize that the restaurant chair market is not a Walmart or Costco concept, where everything is on the shelf. Our products have to be assembled by our staff with specialized tools and knowledge in order to ensure the highest durability. We cannot give unassembled furniture to the customer and expect them to assemble themselves.

Another difference is the footprint of a restaurant chair is much larger than a typical dining room chair. It can be 2-3 inches wider, 1 or 2 taller. With a residential chair, you get thin legs and frames; with the commercial chair, you have wider and less aesthetically designed curves etc.

American Hospitality Furniture is a well-known name in the manufacturing and designing of custom restaurant furniture. The company proudly markets many of its furniture products are either made in USA or assembled in USA. For more information regarding Restaurant Booths visit our website

Paradisus Palma Real Offers Luxury New Royal Service Lounge, Restaurant And Spa

The Paradisus Palma Real has completed its renovations and upgrades and is offering a luxurious experience for tourists. The all inclusive Caribbean resort has added 110 Royal Service Suites to its existing offerings, plus a brand new Royal Service Lounge that features a private waterside Italian restaurant and is exclusive for Royal Service guests to enjoy throughout Dominican Republic holidays.

The two-storey Royal Service Lounge has a library with books, magazine, CDs and DVDs, wireless internet, and complimentary access to iPads, as well as breathtaking ocean views.

When Royal Service guests arrive to their holidays in the Dominican Republic, they will be greeted by staff with welcome drinks and cold towels at Punta Cana International Airport. Visitors will then be taken to Paradisus Palma Real via private transfer.

During holidays to the Dominican Republic, tourists can enjoy luxury amenities in Royal Service Suites including Jacuzzis, 32-inch flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations, Expresso coffee machines, mini-bars, and Thierry Mugler bath products.

There is a personal butler for every six Royal Service Suites who is on hand to offer dedicated service to guests throughout their stay.
The ECO Spa offers a relaxing environment for treatments including massages, facials, and body wraps, plus two hot tubs, steam room and sauna, a pool with hydrotherapy, cold plunge pool and a pediluvio foot bath.

Il Palazzo is the newest dining outlet to be added to Royal Service and the restaurant offers exquisite cuisine courtesy of Executive Chef Mario Crespi. Guests can enjoy exclusive access to the white sand Royal Service beach area and the new Juice Bar and the resort’s main lagoon-style swimming pool has a designated Royal Service area with complimentary sun cream, Wi-Fi, sunglass cleaning, and fresh fruit and sorbets.

Alvaro Tejeda Schroeder, the Senior Vice President for Melia Hotels International Premium Portfolio of hotels, commented:

“On the heels of the success we’ve seen from Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla – the adults-only luxury concept offered at our Mexican resort – the demand for this level of personalised service and amenities has increased at all of our properties.

“We are simply responding to the desires of our discerning clientele and exceeding our already high standards at Paradisus Palma Real. In the near future, guests can expect to see similar Royal Service upgrades at our Paradisus Punta Cana resort as well.”

In addition to the new upgrades for Royal Service guests, the Paradisus Palma Real has plenty of new facilities for all of its guests to enjoy including a new Spanish influenced restaurant, Passion; the new Red Lounge bar; a new fitness area, YHI Moves; and the renovated GABi Beach which features chic furniture and a sophisticated beach club.

Paradisus Resorts is an all-inclusive luxury resort brand which is owned and operated by Melia Hotels International. The brand has two Dominican Republic hotels: Paradisus Palma Real and Paradisus Punta Cana.

Little India Restaurant Offered Best Services in Edmonton

There are several Indian restaurants in Edmonton that are famous for their high quality of food and excellent services amongst food lovers all over Edmonton. These restaurants are extremely popular among food lovers and there is a high probability that you find them jam packed every time you decide to walk in but the food offered by them is surely worth a few minutes wait. Apart from serving authentic Indian and Chinese food, they also provide Catering Edmonton. Some of the other services offered by these restaurants are: 1.1.

High standard of food: The food prepared is of utmost high quality. High standards of hygiene are followed in the entire process of cooking as well as serving of food. The ingredients are carefully chosen and every effort is made to keep the nutrition intact. Fresh food is prepared every day and leftovers are discarded regularly. 2.

Wide choice: A large number of innovative dishes are present on the menu of these restaurants. These dishes represent the true taste and culture of India and are prepared with most delicacy. You are sure to get confused about what to select and what to leave. Don’t blame yourself for it but thank our wonderful chefs who are best at doing their jobs. 3.Take away: If you are in a hurry and want to grab a quick bite of your favorite dish or have some guests coming to your place on a short notice, take away is the perfect option. You can select from a wide variety of delectable dishes which are present on the take away menu. Just walk in, select your favorite dish and get it packed. 4.

private dining: Private moments are best spent away from everyone else. These restaurants provide you the facility of private dining room Edmonton. These are exclusive dining rooms where you are not only given complete privacy from other guests but also allow you to dine your favourite delicacies in style. So whether you want to propose your special someone or just spend a quiet evening with your loved one, these restaurants are the perfect place to visit. 5.

Catering Services Edmonton: You can order authentic food for your party from Catering Services Edmonton. These restaurants not only offer delicious food but also ensure timely delivery and ensure that your party is made special and memorable. All you need to do is to pick you’re your phone and tell your requirements. A designated food coordinator will work closely with you until a perfect menu has been finalized.

The facility of Private Dining Edmonton is a hit with guests of all ages. These restaurants promise unmatched comfort to their guests and ensure that they dine in a relaxed atmosphere. It is not just the Indian community in Edmonton that swears by the services offered by Top Indian Restaurants Edmonton as these restaurants are a hit with the locals as well as tourists from all over the world.

Choosing the right restaurant furniture for outdoors

You will find many particular varieties of outdoors restaurant household furniture offered for those who are thinking of developing an outside the house setting for a eating place. When considering what kinds of household furniture you will need to your outside dcor there are numerous different components that you simply need to take into consideration over those of an indoors cafe dcor. When a person thinks of outside bistro furnishings, they generally think of just chairs and tables however there are various some other pieces of furnishings backyard restaurant environments you’ll want to appear into in addition to the extremely simple. Below is really a report on each of the pieces of home furniture that fall under the policies of outdoors bistro furniture.

* Easily transportable patio fencing Outside patio emitters * Restaurant stand umbrella and bottoms * Outside seats and stools Outdoor table clothes and bases Portable Bars – Outdoor receptacles 1 . Outside benches

This kind of list names a number of in the a lot of different furnishings a single may well need to get when taking into consideration creating an outdoors cafe dcor. When creating an outdoors home decor you need to also know that when you’re going to buy outside restaurant furnishings who’s truly is usually distinctive from the sort of furnishings you’d discover on the inside of in the restaurant. You need to take into account what will happen for your furnishings while left outdoors, and also what the consequences are usually for not getting the proper furnishings to suit the particular outdoor environment.

As an illustration, you cannot place chair outdoors which are likely to corrode simply any time left out within the rainfall for extended periods of time. This specific rule also applies when choosing other pieces of furniture these kinds of as tables, seats, and even garbage containers. You’ll also need to have household furniture that is sturdy using a effectively grounded foundation. Locating a piece of outside restaurant furnishings creating a weak base can easily imply the difference involving chairs and umbrellas being put or receiving blown away soon after any windy day.

Outside the house restaurant furniture such as restaurant bar stools are normally much more sturdy compared to indoor furniture. Even so, contemplate the kind of local weather you will encounter at your distinct restaurant place. Would it be hot through the nights or cold? Whether or not this really is cold you’ll want to invest into terrace heaters so your friends will likely be much more comfortable, subsequent all who wants to ingest outdoors if it is a smaller amount comfortable than inside of? And if it is specially hot in your area you’ll want to appear much more in to buying restaurant desk umbrellas and bases to provide shade to your visitors. All these things and even more really should be deemed any time you’re deciding on what kinds of outdoors restaurant furniture work for you personally.

Critical Factors To Keep In Mind For Running A Successful Restaurant

Having your own restaurant is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable business ventures. Food is a renewable commodity. This means that people won’t stop looking for different sources of food because dining out is entertaining as well as functional. Many people dream of owning their own restaurants, whether it is fast food, coffee shops or gourmet. In reality, many people fail to sustain their restaurants and most of them die during their first year of operation. This is due to the lack of preparation and dedication on the part of the owner. Many people jump into the industry too fast without really weighing the pro’s and con’s of the project or having the necessary expertise.

However, there is a way to lessen the risk that is associated with new ventures such as restaurants. Preventive planning and proper management are keys towards success but there are also small things which count in the whole process of setting up a restaurant. Every business needs a business plan. Business plans are meant to lay down the different conditions and characteristics that should be inherent in the business. The availability of a good business plan which has been carefully formulated is a step towards success. It covers a crystal clear description of the concept of the restaurant, target market, food category, food items and their prices, financial evaluation, ownership and marketing plan.

There are so many other things that should be considered before entering into the restaurant business. The ones listed above are only part of the whole scheme of restaurant creation. The most important thing is that the restaurant should reflect the preferences of the owner so as to make it enjoyable. However, a lot of thought should be given to the way it’s going to generate money because this is the only way that the restaurant will become sustainable.

Take a feedback from the other restaurateurs of your area or also another area! They would always be open to giving advice and will also give you some important contacts. You can also hire a professional consultant who would help you create a budget and also manage your financial matters. You will have to hire an architect and an interior designer to construct and design your restaurant. This is an important point when you are looking about how to start a restaurant.

In the end, how to start a restaurant also depends greatly upon your menu! If you take all these basic things into account then I am sure that you will be able to plan your restaurant business successfully. Always remember that the success of a restaurant depends on the number of customers you can attract!

Advantages Of Black Color – Restaurant Seating Furniture

Restaurant seating furniture must be in accordance to the template of the restaurant; there is certainly little question in the validity of this statement. It isn’t likely to ignore this rule but there are some possible alterations which you can make for your ease. Yes, I’m chatting about deciding on the black color in restaurant seating furniture. It’s the originality of black color that it fits well with approximately all the color schemes and in all the environments. Specially, it fits much more when you employ it in an interior having some light shades like light brown. Due to this excellence black color is extensively utilized in pieces of furniture in approximately every type of business. Black can present you manifold advantages when used in tables and chairs of your restaurant.

Probably the most major quality along with good thing about black colored pieces of furniture is its flexibility with all the lighter colors. You can remove the stress that your furniture will go well with with interior or not only if you’re selecting black color.

Further is a long term benefit; black color is highly strong to the spots of grime and layers of food because of its deeper shade. Any type of points don’t look distinguished on its surface. When there will be the black colored tables and chairs in your area you would not be required to take the care of marks and spots on them all the day. It in addition returns a cool impression to your buyers when they always find your chairs or tables neat and clean. Now come to the psychological view of this shade. Experts say that black is the shade of seduction. Just as it attracts all the shades present in white light and displays none, it can pull the attention of any human. In other words we are able to say that it is really the only gorgeous color obtainable. On the last, it is again said to recall you that whatever the color you choose for your restaurant seating furniture, never ignore the final feel of your restaurant because a strong impression may lead you to prosperity in your business whereas a wrong selection may ruin all your efforts.

Owner Of An Established Brand With Restaurant Franchise

Business opportunities in the food sector are unlimited. If you know the tricks and are well informed, you can no doubt give shape to your business dreams in no time. Restaurants today run well depending on a number of factors; these are brand identity, quality of food items served, menu, variety, courteousness in handling customers, locality, to name a few. When you can be an owner of a reputed brand in your area by buying a restaurant franchise, why not grab the opportunity. And if the menu well suits the Indian taste such as snacks food, namkeens, traditional sweets, Bengali sweets, chaat like pani puri, South Indian food, the effort of buying the restaurant franchise is well rewarded.

When you buy a restaurant franchise, you will have to pay some royalty money as well as percentage of the profits every month or annually or as decided. You no doubt become the owner of the restaurant, but you will have to follow the same method of food preparation, besides having the same menu. You will notice an increasing crowd right from day one. A little advertisement will further add to the crowd pulling factor.

You will always find sweets in the menu in every festive occasion. It is also in marriage, birthday, anniversary, and other functions. where all traditional sweets including Bengali sweets rule the roost; this is because having as well as distributing sweets is considered as good omen. Pani puri and chaat items are also served in most occasions. Another item that is served with tea or coffee is variety of namkeens. The most savored namkeens include bhujia, chana masala, mini samosas, dalmoth, and more.

The rasgulla and the rasmalai are two of the most popular Bengali sweets. Both the Bengali sweets items are found in sweets shops in every corner of the country. Preparation of rasmalai involves cooking of rounded pies of fine milk curd in syrup such that a unique texture is created. The pies are then soaked in full cream milk and then served with a shower of chopped pistachio nuts.

Why Businesses Are Choosing Restaurant Executive Search Firms Like Plummer Search

More businesses are choosing restaurant executive search firms due to their ability to match businesses with executive level candidates that share the same goals and vision. The restaurant industry is fast paced and demands change routinely. An executive hire has a significant role to fill and restaurant executive search firms assist with this process by obtaining successful applicants. This is achieved by reaching beyond the expected, extending their search to the global market and providing years of niche specialty to find the perfect match. Read more about how executive search firms save businesses time and money with this highly specialized service.

How Search Firms reach Beyond the Expected to find Candidates

Many businesses in the retail industry are finding that their ideas are no longer working and the typical executive work background is not enough to make the right decisions and come up with the innovative ideas that are necessary to succeed. A search firm understands this growing requirement and offers businesses the opportunity to have them search their network outside of the restaurant industry. There are plenty of executives in other industries that are looking for a change. These candidates have an education and background from industries that are more refined than the restaurant market and this translates into a different viewpoint for the restaurant industry. For most businesses this is the change they have needed to soar past the competition and be leaders in their field.

The Benefits of a Global Search

In addition to finding candidates from other industries an executive search firm also has the advantage of having contacts from all around the world. There are many cities overseas that are known for their cuisine and have become world renowned trendsetters in this market-space. Hiring an executive from Europe, Asia or even Australia has the benefit of an executive with cutting edge ideas and an entirely different approach to the restaurant business. This hiring strategy has the potential to make a restaurant stand out amongst the competition, and has been an incredibly successful way to get a business where it needs to be, and fast.

The Advantage of Specialized Experience

An executive search firm that has specialized in the restaurant industry has the benefit of knowing exactly what a restaurant needs in an executive to thrive in their field. With this experience there is no need for the client to have to break down or simplify their requirements. The search firm already knows the lingo, the requirements and how to exceed any clients expectation. With their proven process, restaurants will be introduced to executive level candidates that match or exceed their expectations after they have already gone through an extensive interview process with the firm. This guarantees that every applicant is a match and that their education and background is at the level that is necessary for an executive level role.

The Best Seafood Restaurant On The Southcoast

Spring is here and it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. Are you looking to spend a relaxing evening with friends and family? If so, visit Davy’s Locker Restaurant. We have been serving fine New England seafood since 1966 and have been voted Southcoast’s best seafood restaurant for 12 consecutive years. Great food, great drinks and amazing hospitality are just some of the things you can expect at Davy’s Locker Restaurant.


Why not start your day with breakfast at Davy’s Locker? Our second level Tiki deck, Paradise Found, which features 45 seats, will be serving breakfast from 6:30 am to 10:30 am every day. You can also indulge in breakfast over Buzzards Bay. Enjoy your meal while admiring the beautiful scenic view of Martha’s Vineyard and the Islands.


Come join us at Davy’s Locker for delicious meals throughout the day. Dishes from our Davy’s Locker inside menu are offered from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm every day. In addition to delicious meals, we will be featuring nightly entertainment in our Martini 101 Bar which is open daily until 1 am. With great drinks such as 101 Martinis featured daily, you are sure to enjoy your night out. Continue to check our website for our upcoming Entertainment schedule and other details.

Talented Chefs

We have recently welcomed on board, Chef Randall Cabral. Formerly a chef at Anthony’s Pier 4 in Boston, Massachusetts and a Smoke Master Chef to Robert Kraft with the New England Patriots, he brings his many talents to Davy’s Locker Restaurant. Chef Randall now joins Executive Chef Johnny Morris, Jr. and Chef de Cuisine, Jesse Coelho to form the best team on the Southcoast.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our menus or hours, feel free to give us a call at (508) 992-7359. We will be glad to assist you.