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Famous Dave’s Restaurant Recipes – How to Copy Your Favorite Famous Dave’s Menu Item

If you want to learn to copycat your favorite menu item from Famous Dave’s, this article will help get you going!

Have you ever tasted something that was just delicious, but you can’t quite tell what that hint of something is in the background. It’s a vaguely familiar taste, but you just can’t put your finger on it. It’s right on the tip of your tongue. Oh yea, that pun was intended!

Well, you would like to try to recreate this recipe, but it seems to be a carefully guarded secret at your favorite restaurant, so I guess you’re on your own. The first thing that you should try to do is identify the flavor that is eluding you. You may want to scan through some recipes and see what spices are typically found in this dish. Give each spice a taste individually and see if any of them hit the mark. If you are still having problems identifying a particular spice, this may be an excellent time to take a friend to dinner, and see if they have better luck identifying the flavors.

If they do, hurray, but if they do not you may want to go to another restaurant and order the same dish. If the dish has the same flavor, you can see if this chef is a little more forthcoming. Also, don’t overlook the wait staff. They generally are pretty well versed in what’s on the menu and its ingredients. Now that you have identified the ingredients, it’s just a matter of getting the proportions right.

So start cooking, and make good notes with each attempt. You would think that you’d be able to remember what you tweak between each attempt, but after a few tries they all seem to blur together. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries, just pour a glass of wine and enjoy each valiant attempt.

To get you started here is a recipe for Famous Dave’s Jalapeno Puree!


5 fresh jalapeno chilies 1/4 cup olive oil 1 1/2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice (fresh really adds to the flavor) 1 tablespoons of water 1 clove of minced garlic 1 cup packed fresh cilantro (again, the fresher the better)

Roast the five jalapenos under a broiler or on the grill until the skin is a bit charred. Place them in a brown bag for approx. 5-10 minutes. Peel off the skins (the brown bag should make the skins almost fall off). Remove the stems from the jalapenos. Puree them with the other ingredients in a food processor. Season with a dash of salt to taste (don’t overdue the salt). Enjoy!

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What Is An Expandable Drop Leaf Restaurant Table

Are you a restaurant owner who wants to equip his/her restaurant with a custom, functional and user-friendly table that is easy to use and handle? If es then an expandable drop leaf restaurant table can make a real difference to your dinning as well as decorating needs in a perfect manner. These tables have been popular for decades and continue to remain one of the most sought after antiques in today modern environment. Hence, the popularity of this style has led to various manufacturers creating modern day reproductions to meet the demand of homeowners and restaurant owners.

A drop leaf table is a table that folds or expands into a larger size. Normally, it is a square table that folds out into a round table. There are four leafs for each table, and they fold underneath the table when not used, and fold out when needed. This table is convenient for restaurants that have big parties but do not have enough space for a fully round table that sits 6-8 people. For example, a normal size drop leaf restaurant table is 36×36 and folds into 51 round. Not only can this size comfortably sit 4 people, but when you have a large part, it can sit 6-8 people.

These tables are custom built and require significant labor to make. Each leaf has to be made individually by hand, and custom fitted with hinges. The hinge mechanism is available in two types: the slide bar or the leaf hinge. Slide bar has a custom shaped handle that holds the table when it? folded underneath, and you need to fold out the table, just extend that bar out. The leaf hinge is a spring mechanism that locks the leaf in the extended or contracted position.

This table also comes with laminated materials. That is why it is known as laminate restaurant table that offers the ultimate in versatility. With drop leafs, it can go from 36″ X 36″ to a 51″ round top easily. You can expand this table for larger parties, or can save space when you don’t need that much seating in your restaurant. If you don? want to bring long and heavy tables in your restaurant, then an expandable drop leaf restaurant table can help you adjust it into a small place too.

Restaurant Furnitures quality of material on seat and back is also an issue to consider. If your using synthetic wicker, notice the thickness, flexibility and the weave spacing. Too thin, too flexible and spacing to far apart is trouble.

Restaurant And Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Frequency

Many new restaurant owners or commercial kitchen managers struggle to know how often their exhaust hood fans and ducts should be cleaned. Cleaning the exhaust hoods, ducts, fans and filters are not only important but are required by the law under fire code NFPA 96. Failing to properly maintain the kitchen exhaust hood system can result in fires, unpleasant odors, premature breakdown and catastrophic loss. The grease that builds up in the system provides ample fuel for a fire that can burn at an incredible heat. Most exhaust systems have a fire suppression system within the hood and at the mouth of the vertical duct, but fire suppression systems do not provide protection in the vertical and horizontal ductwork or the fan on the roof.

So how often should a restaurant have their exhaust system cleaned? The frequency of cleaning is something that is highly dependent on the volume of cooking and the type of cooking that you perform. Obviously, higher volume cooking locations require more frequent cleaning. However, what most restaurant owners do not realize is that the type of food their kitchen prepares also plays an important role in how often the exhaust system should be serviced.

For instance, preparing foods that are high in fats and oils (such as cooking burgers, char broil cooking, foods cooked in a wok, cooking with solid fuels (wood) or open vat fryers) deposit much more grease into the exhaust system than traditional cooking. So if you are preparing burgers on a daily basis at a high volume your kitchen exhaust hoods will need to be serviced regularly (quarterly at a minimum) to prevent fires and unacceptable grease buildup.

Determining the optimal level of exhaust hood cleaning that your kitchen or restaurant requires takes years of experience. It is often best to consult with a reputable and certified kitchen exhaust hood inspector who can evaluate your system and cooking habits to provide a recommendation on a cleaning and maintenance schedule. Some commercial kitchen and restaurant hood cleaners provide exhaust hood inspection services for free, and some will even provide pictures of the internal ductwork.

As a rule of thumb no commercial kitchen exhaust system in regular use should go over six months without a thorough cleaning. However, if you are cooking a high volume of foods that are high in fats and oils a thorough cleaning might be required as often as twice a month. This is where the expertise of a certified kitchen exhaust system inspector can help you determine how often your exhaust system needs to be cleaned. Once you have a cleaning and maintenance schedule in place reevaluate the schedule every year to ensure that changes in cooking load or menu options have not increased grease buildup between services.

Can I Buy Restaurant Ingredients For Home Cooking

It is possible to recreate your favourite gourmet meat experience from the comfort of your own home, and fortunately you dont have to compromise on quality to achieve it.

Many wholesale meat suppliers, specialise in offering the same quality meat used by top restaurants at considerably lower prices.

And how do they achieve this? By selling their meat in mass!

Instead of having to package their meat singularly; wholesale meat suppliers purposefully sell their meat in high volume to not only save on the cost of packaging but ultimately to offer you your favourite gourmet meats at a discount

Where can I find these restaurant ingredients?

If you are interested in buying only high quality meat, the best sources are usually online

We know, this might sound strange, but if you look around your local supermarket, it is rare that you will find an offline meat supplier who can guarantee gourmet meat quality at affordable pricing. Their packaging alone, bumps up the cost of their meat meaning you have to pay more to receive more.

However opt to buy meat online and it is possible to witness restaurant quality that doesnt have to break the bank (as explained above).

In fact, many of your favourite restaurants, utilise wholesale meat suppliers for their restaurants to enable them to buy quality meat in bulk.

What should I do?

To ensure you receive the highest quality cuts when you buy meat online, it is important that you do your research. Many top online meat suppliers list restaurant testimonials to show where their gourmet meat has been utilised, and these can prove invaluable when judging their quality.

Similarly, appearances in the media or on dedicated cookery shows can be a strong indicator that you are buying the same gourmet meat that top restaurants are buying too.

Just remember to look around, check out their reputation and read their case studies. Once you are confident you are receiving the best, only then buy meat or steak online.

Best Restaurants in Thai Restaurant

Consuming out in Bangkok is an exceptionally normal practice and there are various choices for travelers going from road nourishment outlets to fine eating Thai Restaurant. A gaze beneath toward 5 restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand, which we suggest for your outing.

1. Baan Thai – One of the best places to consume Thai nourishment in Thailand, the Baan Thai restaurant is found at 7 Sukhumi Soy 32. Each night, benefactors to this restaurant are entertained with Thai moving while they eat. They have a few delightful plates incorporating the nearby Thai curry and the administration in Baan Thai is regularly extremely exceptional.

2. B-alright Restaurant and Bar – This restaurant has a beguiling mood and specializes in Thai/asana plates. The restaurant is a little far from the core of the city, being arranged at 559/25 Watchannal, Chaeronea Road, Bangkok, and Bangkolaem in Bangkok. An extraordinary put specifically assuming that you are searching for some place which is both incredible for consuming in and likewise for a short time later when you need to unwind by a bar.

3. Hard Rock Caf – The Hard Rock Caf in Bangkok is found in the heart of the city at 424/3-6 Siam Square SOI 11. It serves up excellent American sustenance, and characteristics live groups playing as the night progressed. Numerous travelers get a kick out of the chance to make a purpose of going to the Hard Rock in each city worldwide they go as a sort of interest and these travelers won’t be baffled in Bangkok. Costs are higher than a portion of the nearby Thai eateries yet in the event that you need some solace sustenance, this is a great choice.

4. Small Italy – For top notch Italian nourishment in the heart of Bangkok, head over to the Little Italy Restaurant at Jasmine City, first Floor, 2 Soy Prasarnmit, Sukhumi soy 23. The spot has a tendency to get somewhat gathered, so it is a great thought to get a reservation first. 5. Bombay Blues – This food serves genuine Indian nourishment and is found on the celebrated around the world Khan San Road. The incredible thing about Bombay Blues is the area, with Khan San Road the focal and primary point of convergence for hikers to the city.

This article is about the China vacations and Beijing travel. You can find some useful information in it if you are planning your Beijing travel now. The Thai food is lots of people’s favourite food and you can find many good Thai restaurants in Beijing.

How Technology Is Shaping The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is one of the oldest, but it’s been helped out tremendously by new technology. Restaurant computer software allows owners to track ingredients and reorder them efficiently. A good restaurant point of sale system simplifies the process of taking orders, sending them to the back of house to be prepared, and seeing them through until the end of each stress-free dining experience. A restaurant computer system allows managers to schedule employees’ shifts and track their hours. Every facet of the restaurant industry has been improved by technology. If you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re missing out.

Tracking ingredients and keeping costs down is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable restaurant. With restaurant computer software, it’s easy. Many food vendors are already preprogrammed; you simply plug in what ingredients you use in your menu and the numbers get crunched for you. You see what ingredients make up each entree, and what you’re paying for them. You can adjust prices to see how it affects your margins, giving your business a flexibility that allows it to improve. You can break down the recipe itself and run it against your current stock of ingredients. This allows the system to warn you when you need to reorder. Reordering ingredients efficiently saves you from spoiled goods, or finding yourself sold out.

Gone are the days of servers carrying around pads and quickly scribbling down orders on paper. A good restaurant point of sale setup lets the server enter the order into a computer. It’s then printed in the kitchen, in a sensual way. At that point all the chef has to do is begin preparing the food that has been ordered. And he or she knows that won’t be a problem, because all of the ingredients have been tracked and reordered consistently. After the meal is finished, the server closes the order and takes payment even tips in the restaurant computer system. Since everything goes through the restaurant point of sale system, sales can be tracked easily. And since your ingredients, prices, and recipes have been entered too, you can track your profits.

When you add tracking employees’ hours into the mix, so you don’t have to worry about over-scheduling, you have a complete system that streamlines your restaurant business. A lot of restaurant owners do things the “old school” way, and have a negative attitude toward new technology. This is a mistake. If you embrace technology, your restaurant business will improve dramatically.

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas And Gallery

When it comes to restaurant interior design ideas, you know how having or lack of having a great theme for your restaurant can affect your business very much. It simply boils down to the fact that the environment we are in while eating, affects our mood and even our impression on the taste of the food.

Another reason for the importance of choosing a great creative interior design for your restaurant is, with all the competition these days, you know you want to make your restaurant stand out and attract more customers.

This means not only the food quality and taste should be outstanding, but also the interior design of your restaurant and the type of decorations you have used must be creative and unique as well.

That is why this free guide is going to help you find out how to find creative restaurant design ideas and photo galleries to find the best theme idea that will match your preference.

How to Find Your Favorite Restaurant Interior Design Ideas?

When you want to search for picture galleries online, it is worth knowing the various styles and themes you can look for. In the past, most restaurants used to look almost the same and follow similar themes and decorations. But today the number of creative styles you can find are almost unlimited.

For example your restaurant interior style can be modern or traditional, cozy or luxury, simple or very creative, Asian style or American, and many other options you can choose from.

So which design is the best for your restaurant? You may be wondering.

It all depends on the message you like to communicate with your customers. Do you want them to feel at home and comfortable when they eat at your restaurant? Or do you prefer to make it a luxury place they only come for special occasions? This determines whether you want to choose from simple or more elegant interior design ideas.

The point is, when you know exactly what kind of message you want your restaurant theme and design to express, you can more easily search for photo galleries and interior ideas online.

Starting a franchise restaurant Guide to Follow

To start an independent restaurant set up or opt for a franchise restaurant: which one is better? If this thought is having your brains racked up for long, it is suggested that you look through the benefits and facilities properly before deciding on any of the options. Research and surveys show that for a new comer in the industry of restaurant and food, it is always better to go for franchise restaurant as it helps them not only bask in the brand name of an already recognized restaurant chain but also gets to enjoy proper operational assistance from the parent company. Hence make sure that you think well before you invest. For those who are in the lookout for a franchise restaurant opportunity to get going in the industry of food and restaurant, here in this article we bring for you some of the major guidelines to follow when buying a franchise restaurant: Choosing the type of restaurant franchise that you will want to opt for is the first thing to consider when thinking of going for franchise restaurant business. Research and search through various classified and advertisements in newspapers, internet and other sources to get updated about the various opportunities that you can choose from.

Check the costs and fees that the franchise restaurant brands are demanding to get a vivid idea about the industry and its investment graph. Make sure about your budget also so that you do not have to face hassles and problems later. Mark out the opportunities that are within your maximum budget limit to narrow down your search to a concrete one.

Check all documents and information about the franchise brand to ensure a proper and legal documentation and financial statements. Also check whether the brand will be providing you with assistance in store operation and other support programs.

Indulge in discussion and talks with franchise owners to get a proper picture of the industry, its benefits and disadvantages. Before investing it is always suggested that you stay aware of the Franchise Restaurant, its daily working activities, problems etc.

Consider the competition and market strategies of the franchise restaurant industry that you are willing to invest in. Also take into thought the location and locality where you are about to open your new business as it is widely observed that food business depends mostly on the likes of local people.

Do not go for any verbal agreement, instead it is suggested that you have everything documented legally with help of an attorney to avoid problems in future.

Restaurant Bathroom Needs

When visiting a restaurant, there are many factors that govern whether a diner will enjoy the experience and return again or recommend that their friends visit. Perhaps the most important consideration for the restaurateur is the quality of the food served, but something that no diner will ignore is the state of the bathroom when they use it.

The bathroom of a restaurant is a barometer of the quality of other parts of the establishment. If it is dirty or sub standard, the customer will worry that hygiene in the kitchens and other non public areas of the restaurant is also poor, and this will inevitably lead to them not returning. If on the other hand, the bathroom is in good order, clean, and pleasant, this will reflect positively on the rest of the restaurant.

The bathroom should always be well stocked with everything that users are likely to need, and should be regularly checked for both cleanliness and to make sure that toilet paper, seat covers, soap, and hand towels are all in place ready for customers to use.

The maintenance of the restaurant toilets is important, and you should also ensure that the plumbing is regularly serviced to make sure that it functions properly. There are few things more unpleasant in a place where food is served than the odors that come from blocked drains.

If your restaurant bathroom has an attendant to look after the needs of diners, you should ensure that they are well trained in customer services, and attentive to the needs of any users. As part of their role, they will need to keep an eye on the stock levels in the bathroom, and regularly wipe down all surfaces.

If you do not have an attendant, you should consider using soap dispensers rather than blocks of soap, as these are both more hygienic, and easier to monitor the levels of. Electric hand driers are more hygienic than paper towels if used correctly, but they can be noisy and disturb diners if the bathroom is close to the main dining area of the restaurant, and if diners are able to hear sounds from the bathroom, they may also fear that they can smell it even when they cannot.

If you get the basics of the restaurant bathroom right, you will get a smoothly running part of the business that will keep your customers happy. If the bathroom in a restaurant is unpleasant in any way, it will cost you business, so always ensure that it is well stocked, clean, and pleasant.

Berkeley Restaurant Guide The Top 5 Restaurants

Berkeley is one of the great eating towns of the Bay Area. It is widely viewed as the birthplace of California cuisine. Berkeley offers eateries at every price range across a wide variety of cuisines; popular being Mexican, American and Indian.

Take a look at the top 5 restaurants in Berkeley.

Naan N Curry is famous for its Indian cuisine. It serves different types of Naan and delicious Chicken Tikka Masala. The service is friendly and quick. The atmosphere is casual and the food is not over priced.

Caf Intermezzo is the best coffee restaurant in Berkeley . It serves fresh Italian food, which includes sandwiches, salads and other vegetarian options. The atmosphere is great and so is the food, which is reasonably priced.

Picante Berkeley is the top rated restaurant for Mexican cuisine. It has plenty of choices for kids and serves exotic Mexican food not found in other restaurants. It doles out Empanadas, Tamales, Enchiladas and regional specialties like Baja Fish Tacos. It has won audience appreciation for its Margaritas.

If you crave for Pizzas then go to Cheeseboard Pizza, the best vegetarian pizza restaurant . The popularity of this restaurant can be gauged by the fact that the day’s batch of pizza will be sold out before its closing. It uses high quality ingredients and therefore the food served is always fresh and delicious. The service as well as the atmosphere is great.

Saul’s Restaurant & Deli makes the best pastries using fresh and high quality ingredients. The service is polite and efficient. The menu includes Niman Ranch Roast Beef, Hot Turkey Pastrami, Herd Crusted Fresh Baked Salmon and so on.

Just go and try any of these good restaurants.