Creative Recreation Trainers

Creative Recreation was created in Orange County, California in 2002. The actual creative designers recognised a challenge in the shoe business. Every person required dress shoes to be worn with a suit or perhaps shoes which were certainly not acceptable at the majority of the features. No shoe company was supplying shoes to young adults together with top quality designs. The founders decided to cater to the demo-graphic from the younger as well as the more fashionable. Out of this Creative Recreation was born and a new well designed trainer was distributed around people who did not wish to comply with the usual stale style trainers.

These came as trainers such as the Cesario, Milano, Testa and Dicoco.

The Cesario includes a sleek line silhouette having a Velcro strap between the toe and the laces to provide a smart feel and look to the shoe. The classic colours of the Cesario include black, white and oil brown that has a fantastic shine to it. The Cesario comes in a hi top in addition to a low top base dependant which ever you may prefer.

The Milano also has a slim line silhouette but doesn’t feature Creative Recreations signature Velcro strap on it but rather has settled for just the lace up trainer. The Milano comes in a hi top edition as well as a low top version based on that which you like.

On the other hand the Testa has three velcro straps with out laces in contrast to the Cesario and also the Milano. The Testa only comes in a hi top silhouette but has the ideal shape to be worn out with skinny jeans that can easily be tucked into the trainer.

Many celebrities are now conforming to this skate style by tucking in their jeans in to a hi top trainer, including the likes of Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

All these trainers can be seen through J-Bees

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