Experience Astral Projection Traveling Out Of Your Body

The stories related to paranormal experiences are as old as history itself. We all have heard and read stories about people dying and later coming to life to tell what they experienced. Many others tell stories about how they left their body to float towards the ceiling. Others tell stories of transported across the time to see their ancestors or their grandchildren. You may also have heard stories about rebirth.

Finally, there is one more interesting concept that speaks about the ability of people to leave their body and fly across to the places they want. This process is called Astral Projection. Believing such stories depends upon the mentality of others. People may or may not believe such things.

The concept of astral projection has been under debate for a long period and is still debated. The very thought of being able to leave the body to travel across anything is so interesting that even scientists are conducting research on the subject. Not only the scientists, but several normal people also have also been conducting research on the possibility of leaving the physical body to experience Out Of Body Experience also referred to as OOBE.

Our author is one of such people who, fascinated by the subject, conducted an intensive research and finally got success in obtaining OOBE, the out of body experience through astral projection. This means that most of the above stories that have been often dismissed as dreams or hallucinations are true. He shares his experiences and most importantly the main points of his research so that you too can experience the Out Of Body Experience through Astral Projection.

Astral Projection is the process wherein you can leave your physical body for several hours (duration depends on your practice) at your will, whenever you want to, and travel to places in your astral body, before coming back to your physical body. This is not hallucination. There are several hundred testimonials to support astral projection. The book explains how you too can experience the out of the body experience.

Without any hesitation, our author shares the outcome of his lifelong research so that you too can experience astral projection. He divided the guide to astral projection into two different parts for easy comprehension.

The first part contains methods to achieve astral projection and utilizing the astral body to travel and to achieve other purposes while also explaining the precautions and getting back to your body. The second portion of the body helps you understand the pros and cons of astral projection through the different stories of out of body experiences from different people across the planet. The second portion also contains an appendix for easy and quick reference.

The book or guide to astral projection also deals with the obstructions that you may face while trying to leave the body. There are plenty of distractions and roadblocks that may hinder the process of astral projection. In this guide, the author deals with them and explains workarounds to such roadblocks.

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