Highly Rated Western Australia Resorts

If you are looking to enjoy a luxury and indulgence holiday in Western Australia then you need to find suitable accommodation for your stay. What better way to pamper yourself than to stay in one of the many Western Australia resorts that cater to all your comfort and luxury needs in style. As it is this part of Australia is known for its high quality resorts. It is home to a number of award winning properties. The fact that local accommodation for tourists has been set up amidst serene natural environments further adds value to it.

Some of the top rated Western Australia resorts are as follows:

If you happen to be making your way to the South West then the Amalfi Resort is definitely worth checking out. Not only is this one of the top rated hotels because of its extensive facilities and high level of services but it is also counted as one of the best value accommodation choices in the region. The strategic location of the resort makes it act as the gateway from where you can access the Margaret Wine River. The Amalfi Resort caters to couples and families with its two and three bedroom villas that are loaded with all sorts of amenities. Starting from $173, this is one of the first places you should be checking out on your trip to South West WA.

Broome and the North WA is the actual hub of Western Australia resorts. It is here that you will be able to find the region’s best accommodation choices in the form of exquisite resorts for families and couples. The Kununurra Country Club Resort is one of Broome’s top rated properties. It is located in a serene environment and grants convenient access to some of the untouched regions of the North West. If peace of mind and relaxation is what you want then this is your number one choice in this part of WA.

Another top rated resort in Broome is the Seashells resort. As the name suggests you can expect this accommodation to be situated close by to the beach. In fact the inviting sands of the Cable Beach are not more than 300 meters away from the property. It is here that you will get to experience the laid back life style of Broome to its fullest.

Along with providing you with top quality accommodation most of these resorts have amazing eateries, cafes and restaurants where you will be offered a mix of local and international cuisine. Good food and a great place to stay will make for a wonderful holiday in Western Australia.

One thing that you should always be on the lookout for is that Western Australia resorts frequently introduce hot deals and packages allowing visitors to enjoy the unique lifestyle experience they have to offer at discounted rates. This is why it is recommended to check up on the latest hot deals being offered on the accommodation choices in the region.

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