Kwigy Bo Dog Carriers; Picking The Right Dog Carrier Is Key When Traveling

Traveling with your dog can be a pain but he or she really hates getting left behind. Kwigy Bo dog carriers, such as the Kwigy Bo Alexa Dog Carrier in brown, black or camo , or the Kwigy Bo Alex Dog Carrier in brown, camel, grey, patent croc, black, black and white, pink, or gunmetal snake are made with style and encourage their owners to take Fido along for the ride with designs that are easy to carry and look fantastic in any fashion season.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst or the family pet has the flu, dog owners need to be able to lovingly transport their pets come rain or shine. But the standard dog carriers that most own are the plastic crates — while utilitarian, they are ugly, awkward, and wont encourage you to take your dog out.

That is where designer dog carriers like Kwigy Bo come in to play. This New York-based designer company focuses on creating trendy and stylish dog accessories so both the owner and the pet look their best. There are dog carriers available through Kwigy Bo that are designed to emulate the style of top design, including the quilted look and the canvas style.

But Kwigy Bo isnt the only designer out there, and you can find a lot of different styles and colors to suit your tastes. You can find a wide choice of designer dog carriers at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Online. Picking a color that will match a majority of your wardrobe can be a bonus, but you can also choose a dog purse that matches your poochs personality. From casual denim dog slings to designer dog carriers, there is something to match any style and you get to spend more time with your dog.

When you go visit friends or family, your dog will love tagging along in a cozy dog carrier that you love.
If you do take your dog with you when you travel, there are a few items you should also bring for him. Most dog carriers have zippered pockets where you can store small items. These are the main things to bring when traveling with a canine:

A brush — This is especially important if you have a long-haired dog that sheds excessively. As a guest in another persons home, you wont be invited back if all the furniture gets covered in a layer of fur. Plus, if your pet gets nervous, you can easily slip the brush out of the dog carrier and spend some quality time to calm him down.

Treats — Dog treats stuffed into the pet carrier pockets serve two purposes when traveling. The first is to calm a dog down if he starts to become nervous, as you can distract him from whatever is distressing him with a simple chewable treat or bone. The other purpose is to reward him for good behavior. The trip will likely be very exciting for your dog, and so when you dog acts well, rewarding him will go far.

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