Nothing Can Stop My Passion In Summer Vacation

The longing summer vacation is approaching and we college students are all talking about our plans for this vacation.
The plans vary from each other. Some students want to stay at home because it is too hot outside. They say home is the most comfortable place. Of course, others do not agree with them. They want to do something unusual. They all think that they have grown up, so they should get in touch with people in the society and increase their experience. I think it is the best part of the school year for me. I can not let the holidays elapse meaninglessly; my vacation should be a phase of harvest. The events in my plan should give me a sense of infinite potential. The following plan may reveal the intensity of my desire to travel, work and study in this vacation.
In the first few days, I want to climb Mount Huang Shan with my parents. We want to refresh us and also we have the desire for a long time. Though it is very hot outside, I think nothing can be a problem. Then I tend to visit my relatives, former classmates and close friends. They all complain that my busy school life has made us have few opportunities to reunion, so I want to make up it. And I have not seen my former classmates for a long time, I have not seen my former classmates for a long time, I want to cherish the moment we stay together. Whats more, to find out the best ways to cultivate my abilities, I will find a part time job. We have spent too much time in school and have no chance to know the society well. And we will graduate from school in the near future, so we should learn how to adapt to the society and get on well with others. We should put what we learnt in school into practice. Any way, I am an adult now and should know how to arrange my own life. Nobody even our parents can make every decision for us. We should learn to bear the responsibility for ourselves.
In short, I want to do interesting things in the summer vacation. Whatever I do, the goal is the same: to get necessary experience, to acquire knowledge and to broaden my horizons any I strongly believe that nothing can stop my passion.

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