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Reasons Why People Go For Extended Stays At Hotels

Hotels are usually meant for brief stays or tours and vacations. Yet, sometimes it does happen that you may need to stay on in a city for a longer period than you had planned for. In such times, you must find a temporary place to stay which would let you extend your stay as per your need, be it a week, a month or even a year.

Such travelers or guests who check into the hotel for an extended stay are different from the regular travelers who stay for just a few days or so. Lets discuss this concept of extended stay in detail.


The concept of extended stay hotels originated in 19th century in England. In the USA it was pioneered by Jack DeBoer who founded the Residence Inn, an extended stay hotel meant for travelers looking for temporary housing.

There are various reasons why people choose to stay on at hotels away from their homes for long periods of time. These are:

Reason no. 1 – Relocation

You have relocated for a new job and are looking for a nice and safe place to stay. Extended stay accommodations are an ideal option until you find a house for yourself since it is fully furnished and offers some added house-keeping facilities which you wouldnt get if you were to simply rent an apartment or suite.

Reason no. 2 – Extended project

An extended stay hotel is suitable for a business traveler who is working on a long-term project which requires him to stay in a different city and away from his family and home.

Reason no. 3 – Buying a home
If you are buying a new home and in the meantime are looking for a place to stay which provides all the comforts of home, extended stay hotels are perfect for the interim duration.

Reason no. 4 – Refurbishing

Many people also prefer to stay on at a hotel when renovating or refurbishing their homes to avoid getting in the way of the construction activity. Hotels that offer extended stay lodging facilities provide a good alternative to the option of taking up temporary housing elsewhere.

Reason no. 5 – Budget vacation

The current global meltdown has forced people to trim their vacation budgets considerably. In this scenario extended stay hotels offer an excellent option for a long yet inexpensive holiday with the family. The facilities and services provided by the extended stay hotels in San Diego, Chicago or any other city are at par with the comforts a typical home would provide, and so it is like taking your home with you on the vacations.

Reason no. 6 – Global recession

The recent recession in the economy has also caused numerous people to look for temporary housing for various reasons, a prime cause being foreclosure. Extended stay hotels help people endure the crisis of home loss during such hard times.

Reason no. 7 – Value added facilities

Extended stay hotels provide more facilities than a regular hotel. Here is what you get by staying at extended stay hotels:

Home like ambience where you can stay for as long as you want.

You get all the facilities and amenities which are required to stay in a home. Rooms come fully equipped with microwave, TV, telephone, air conditioning, whirlpool and many other amenities.

Other facilities such as maid services, laundry facilities and continental breakfast are also provided.

Extended stay hotels have thus become a reliable option for long term accommodations. If you are looking for a hotel for extended stay, dont forget to check out its weekly and monthly package rates. Also find out what added facilities the hotel offers to its guests who opt for extended stays.