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Ron Arad Contract Leisure Furniture

There is one great way to make sure your investment in contract leisure furniture doesn’t have to be boring or look institutional. That is to purchase furniture that comes from the designs of artists such as Ron Arad and what they have contributed to the field of furniture design. Too often contract leisure furniture falls into the trap of being boring and uninspired. Most people who spend time with such furniture pretty much view it in the same level of creativity that they might view the tables and chairs in a high school gymnasium.

In many cases, such simple but functional contract furniture is appropriate. But when you are creating a space for customers that you want to be full of life and art and creativity, designs like those of creative minds like Ron Arad are just the right touch. This approach to interior decorating can make even the furniture in the lounge, bar or reception area you wish to decorate tie in with an overall feel of modern art and creativity that is a delight for the people who visit your facility.

Ron Arad burst onto the furniture design scene in the mid 1980s. His early designs created a genuine sensation both in the art and the furniture worlds because they tied in furniture design with the best and most up to date movements of the art world. For example, he tied in High Tech design which is an artistic style that has had expression in sculpture, music and architecture. Ron Arad’s first big design breakthrough was called The Rover Chair and it was a perfect fit for a forward looking interior decorator that wanted a design that was totally in step with modern trends in artistic expression.

The biggest problem with the early furniture designs of Ron Arad were that they were difficult to mass produce. This meant that only a wealthy and exclusive few could implement his imaginative furniture designs into their offices, hotels or nightclubs. And because each piece was custom developed, they were expensive and “rare” which diminished how much they could be enjoyed by the general population. It was clear to see that this drawback was due to be addressed if Arad’s artistic approach to furniture design was to gain wide exposure.

Nonetheless, the unique and artistic designs that Ron Arad continued to produce such as The Big Easy collection created such a sensation that he won awards throughout the art world for his vision of what can be done artistically even with a mundane object like contract leisure furniture. Before long, furniture manufacturers who wanted to take advantage of the notoriety and the superior designs that Ron Arad was producing worked with him to perform installations in prominent public spaces such as the Tel Aviv Opera House. This led to efforts to create versions of his designs that could be produced on a larger scale so interior designers from around the world could integrate his vision into their own modern interior layout schemes.

The outcome is that when you begin to look at how to make the public space of your hotel, office or public building truly unique and creative, you too can find ways to integrate the ideas that Ron Arad introduced to the world some two decades ago. The outcome will be expressive and unique which will make your interior design stand out from any other similar space in the city. And when you are looking for a competitive edge and to attract the attention of the business, pop culture or artistic worlds, that is the kind of interior decorating that can really make the difference.