Thai Hotels Value for Money Accommodation for All Budgets and Tastes

A magnet for visitors of varying interests and budgets, Thailand has made a name for itself as a top travel destination. Whether you prefer to soak in the stunning scenery in the north, walk amongst the hustle and bustle in Bangkok, or play in the sun, sand and sea at the pristine beaches in the south, there are countless exciting possibilities for you to engage in.

To meet all of your diverse needs, Thai hotels have also upgraded their offerings with accessible locations, comfortable accommodation and decent amenities. Whether you stay in humble guesthouses or the most luxurious accommodation, you will be able to experience the finest in Thai hospitality which will leave you with many pleasant memories long after your trip is over.

As tourism is one of the main pillars of Thailands economy, much effort has been put in to ensure that the hotels in the most frequented destinations such as Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi and Bangkok are the most cost-efficient and convenient for their guests. What is probably most attractive about hotels in Thailand are their rates, which are usually much lower than in the West while not compromising on quality and convenience.

Whats more, many hotels offer attractive promotions and discounts to their guests in addition to value-added inclusions such as continental breakfasts. With generally high accessibility to the main tourist spots and business venues, impressive amenities and the most hospitable service, “value for money” is a phrase that you would regularly associate with hotels in Thailand.

When travelling to Thailand on a smaller budget, it is usually advisable to save money on your accommodation so that you focus on soaking in the diverse offerings of the country. To cater to visitors on a budget, the number of budget accommodation options has expanded throughout Thailand. Guesthouses and small hotels are the two main types of budget accommodation in Thailand. A large number of the cheapest guesthouses are concentrated in Bangkok and Chiangmai, and are popular accommodation choices for backpackers and students.

In major cities, you can still enjoy both affordability and convenience by staying in the small hotels, many of which are ideally situated in the vicinity of the downtown or public transportation services. Your quality of stay will not be compromised in these budget accommodations as you can still enjoy incredible value and warm Thai hospitality.

If you crave a pampering stay instead, you will certainly not be disappointed by the high-end hotels in Thailand, one of which is ranked as among the best in the world. Hence, Thailands luxury hotels are on par with their counterparts elsewhere in the world, and it is not hard to see why. This is because the five-star hotels basically provide you just about everything that you would need during your stay.

Room amenities such as satellite television, Internet connectivity and round-the clock room service, together with on-site restaurants, conference and business centres, well-stocked gyms and rejuvenating spa treatments, are just some of the many creature comforts that you have access to. Luxury hotels are generally concentrated in the major cities, with far fewer found in the less visited regions.

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