Traveling to Montreal

Montreal is a great city and it attracts thousands of visitors each and every day! People come into the city by flight, car and even train. However, a large sum of the visitors comes in by flight. For those coming in by flight; hotel accommodations are not a problem at all. The main airport for Montreal is known by, -Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport-. The airport is located in the west-end of the city in a small region called Dorval. Dorval is another city, but it is mainly part of Montreal. The Dorval region is home to over four crown hotels, which is more than enough for anyone’s lodging needs. The prices are fair, and the services offered are exceptional. The other visitors, who travel by car, usually come in from other Canadian cities or from the states. Downtown Montreal houses over a dozen hotels and they all offer parking services as well as food/pre-booking. The train service that connects to Montreal is called ViaRail, which is located at the Bonaventure Place at the corner of University Street and Rene-Levesque Boulevard. The Queen Elizabeth Hotel is located in the same building as the ViaRail train station. Booking a hotel in Montreal is quite easy if you have a credit card and internet access.

Exploring the downtown area is quite some fun. Saint Catherine is home to over 400 stores and the largest shopping center in Canada. The McGill Mall (Eaton Center) is a four story mall with over 300 boutiques and restaurants. Shopping can be an extravagant idea in Montreal’s downtown district. For the guys, downtown Montreal has several strip bars. For the ladies, there are dozens of night clubs, for an all night clubbing experience. Ladies usually receive VIP treatment at the door before midnight.

For something more family orientated, you can visit the south shore of Montreal for a visit to the Montreal Biosphere. The Viau region offers the Olympic Stadium and Biodome. The Olympic Stadium was built for the 1976 Olympic Games which took place in Montreal. Museums, national parks and regional activities can be found throughout the city. The Cote des Neiges/NDG region is mainly known for the Saint Joseph Oratory. It is one of the largest churches in the country, which rests on a mountain. Frere Andre is known for a great connection with the church. The church is located on Queen Mary Road, right off Autoroute 15 southbound, at exit Queen Mary. If you do not have a vehicle, you should not worry at all! The Montreal transport system (STM) connects you to all the sectors of Montreal. You will be able to purchase tickets at any Metro station. Transport passes are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Make sure to pick up a metro map while you’re in the metro, it will come in handy. Every metro station is located beside a bus stop, for a better transport experience.

If you are traveling by car, you might have difficulty reading the French signs, but you should be bale to navigate with the highway signs. If you do not have a GPS (global positioning system) you can rent one from a rental company. Usually Hertz Car Rental offers a GPS system.

If you need help with finding a location, booking a hotel in Montreal, asking a taxi driver or at a local gas station will help you out. Voyage Montreal provides a lot more detailed information regarding a trip to Montreal.

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