Why I Do Not Sell Restaurant Booths (or Chairs) For Homes

There is a huge difference between the furniture that we find at a restaurant and a home. It is nothing but the furniture need that makes both of them different to each other in terms of size, type, design, style, utility, etc. Furniture makers craft restaurant booths (or chairs) for commercial purposes whereas the furniture that makes your home look splendid is crafted for domestic purposes. This difference also gives birth to bulk manufacturing at wholesale prices and specially ordered manufacturing at retail prices.

As a manufacturer of restaurant booths, we like to work in volume. For instance, a whole restaurant at a time may have 10-20 booths. These booths are all custom, done by hand and packed onto custom pallets and boxes for shipping. They are also priced according to low price and high volume. What bugs us the most is when a residential customer calls in and wants booths for his/her homeand they want it at the wholesale price. We dont make any money selling 1 or 2, or even 4 booths. To do so, with the factor of labor involved, material ordering time, customization and measuring, there is little margin left. In order to make sense, the items would be priced at double the wholesale price we charge of $190.

Availing restaurant booths for home at wholesale price is not possible owning to the low volume of furniture demanded by households. Our suggestion is to find a local upholsterer (theres some in every city) and ask them to do it. The same concept goes for restaurant chairs, at 4 chairs per order, our labor just for packing the material is more than the margin. Most consumers do not realize that the restaurant chair market is not a Walmart or Costco concept, where everything is on the shelf. Our products have to be assembled by our staff with specialized tools and knowledge in order to ensure the highest durability. We cannot give unassembled furniture to the customer and expect them to assemble themselves.

Another difference is the footprint of a restaurant chair is much larger than a typical dining room chair. It can be 2-3 inches wider, 1 or 2 taller. With a residential chair, you get thin legs and frames; with the commercial chair, you have wider and less aesthetically designed curves etc.

American Hospitality Furniture is a well-known name in the manufacturing and designing of custom restaurant furniture. The company proudly markets many of its furniture products are either made in USA or assembled in USA. For more information regarding Restaurant Booths visit our website

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