Why You Should Visit Bali This Vacation

Bali is the smallest island belonging to Indonesia and a very important tourist centre. Every year, millions of tourists, notably from Southeast Asia throng Bali to get a glimpse of the exotic landscape and amazing cultural festivities. Bali is home to many temples, statues and festivals, which share common traits with Asian Hinduism. Apart from many cultural festivities, it has the following special characteristics that make it endearing to many tourists.

Five reasons you should visit Bali:

1. Bali Starling

Are you an avid bird-watcher? Then you should head to Bali. It is home to the Bali Starling, an exotic bird that is located only in Bali. A critically endangered species, its pure white body texture makes it something straight out of a fairy tale. It is endemic only in Indonesia, which makes it all the more valuable. Another challenging factor for sighting this bird is that it is rarely seen and hides in tree rooftops. It only ventures outside to find food and water.

2. Canoeing

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then head over to Bali for a great rush of adrenaline and adventure. Balis waterfalls offer great opportunities for canoeing rides. The temperate climate ensures that there is regular rainfall and adequate water all year round. Major adventure companies organize regular rides in Bali taking advantage of this fact. They are being signed up by Bali travel package providers as part of their package deal.

3. Tirta Empul Temple

Looking for pure and divine experience in one place? Visit Tirta Empul Temple in Bali. Built in 962 AD at a large water spring, it is known for its pure water. Hindu pilgrims throng this site for its purifying pool where it is believed that sins are washed away. Many holiday packages in Bali include visits to the Tirta Empul Temple, thus fulfilling the spiritual desires of the tourists.

4. Kuta beach

After worshiping at the temples, you can head over to Kuta beach where you can let your hair down and relax. It provides a scenic environment and is very popular among tourists. The island topography of the location gives it an excellent opportunity to capitalize on its beaches.

5. Art

Bali is one island that is very well known globally for its diverse arts like sculpture and dancing. There are numerous festivals celebrated in Bali, perhaps more than any other place. The motto of Bali celebrations is that the loud and boisterous the celebration, the better it is. Numerous Bali Tour Packages offer you a chance to experience these art forms first hand.

The above-mentioned five reasons should convince you to schedule a visit to Bali on your next vacation. It is an experience never to be missed.

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